fausto  2004-04-09  
He's the leader of JW, the clan everyone loves to hate. It seems like JW can't make any move these days without slamming into the brick wall of controversy, and so here we have the pantomime villain of the qw world, fausto, to answer a few questions about his bid for quakeworld domination...
1. Ok so who the hell are you and what do you do with your life?
This question sounds evil, but im a 20 year old guy from warsaw/poland studying computer science at university.
2. Do you have a real name? :)
No, i have to use pseudos or i will be judged for terrorism :(. Honestly my name is Patryk Rz?dzi?ski. Wanna hear the Bulgarian version of the name too? :)
3. Not really. What do you enjoy doing besides playing Quake?
It depends on how much work do i have. I mostly like getting totally drunk with some friends from Warsaw. I think they are famous after the britni.avi. I used to play a lot with my server and some unix-related stuff. It sounds as i have no life, but it is because most of my time is taken by my job and university.
4. How do you think of your clan has faired this season and how do you think you will cope with the big step-up to the silver playoffs?
Well if u consider what my clan was last nqr, im rather happy whit what i got now. After almost all games lost, now we have almost all games won, so i thik it is nice. Too bad my former plan to have few bad players and few better didnt work out in 100% because of some accidents like blu`s hurting arm and such. But i must say im rather glad to hear from my mates that they enjoy playing in JW and their declaration of staying. Yet i think there is much to do in the lineup tho. For me I think I have learned a lot this season. About the silver playoffs - i think it is a total mistake to place any div4 team against average div2. According to this system, we are going to play vs GTG... i wonder if they manage to make a record in spawnfragging. I already talked to Legio about that, and he agrees with me, but wont change it during the league, so i guess rape is our fate eventually.
5. Who has been the toughest opponent you have faced during the regular season and who do you think will win the bronze playoff?
must say that there is one team that amazed us with their skill and teamplay. I had to field the best lineup then, and we won in very close 2:1. Im talking about Holy of course. I was ratehr sure they are going to beat every clan in div4, but suddenly they lost few games - dunno if as peapole say, on purpose, not to get into silver playoffs. Anyway if they perform as good as in the game vs JW, I`m sure they are going to be the bronze winners.
6. Interesting, I thought that their TP wasn't as strong as ASS or Osams, but anyway.You have an interesting selection policy whereby you have made sure that all players get a match, including yourself. It's not unfair to say that your skill doesn't match the others, e.g. docent/gijs/opti, so will you be continuing this policy in the silver playoffs where you will meet much tougher opposition?
Well we played few games vs ASS, and won most of them. The game vs *Osams* went out of control and they got 3 points, but fortunately that couldn`t threat our position in the league. The lineup has changed tho. Docent wont play qw anymore, Miguel has a very time consumpting real life :) and Gijs has et games, so it would mean i have to play in playoffs too. Anyway I didnt plan winning the playoffs in the current form, so it would be just for fun.
7. Do you think it's unfair that JW have earned a bad reputation this season? What do you think about all the stick you have received?
I think most of it is rather unfair, because it is based on lies spread by guys who lost their nqr games vs us. For example bullshit like miguel and docent joining us after nqr has begun. There were many misunderstandings like this one, and people believed it, so they started to "love to hate us" as u said :). It is not like You suggest, that everyopne hates us tho. I can find many people that would support me. That many that i managed to explain myself. Of course the situation cant be discussed as black or white. The fault is also on our side. My lame english insulted goh a bit for example ;/ But i must say i dont care about insults like "JW is fakenicker lame clan" posted x times by a fakenicker.
8. Do you not agree that it is perhaps a bit misleading to add players such as gijs, ecto and syke (who all have higher division experience) to your roster, under fakenicks? This makes the admins' job harder in judging teams ability...
I have talked about this with ParadoksS before the nqr start. I`m new here, and i was told, and seen it in action, that for example evil ben is gijs` second nick, and everyone recognizes him. ParadokS knew that too. About syke - i never heard of him before, and later during the league i was explained that he is playing as water, but that is not a fakenick, just a new nick. Ecto i know irl, and he told me long time ago that he would like to be called miguel, because he doesnt like his old nick after all. Maybe this would look naive or stupid for ppl that are around for longer, but for me it was rather ordinary, and i argued with everyone that said i got fakenickers. And i must add that my team consisted of 2 players from last season, and the new JW was made shortly before the nqr start. We were placed in div5, and then gijs joined, so i talked with Para to be moved to div4, and we were moved... to div3. After being totally raped in div6 last season, div3 seemed like rape^3 :> so i whined myself back to div4.
9. Never mind BGSR's games vs SR and FS, you had a controversial match with Damneds recently, where you lost the decider on Wo. Tell us your side of the story.
Well it is again a case, where noone is 100% right imho, but I`m sure this w/o is rather lol. First of all an admin, who as he said, doesnt like JW, decided to give them w/o without even talking to me. He just listened to the damneds story and gave the w/o.
And about the game - it was pretty hard to arrange the game vs Damneds. After we had arranged it @ 21:00 cet, we were suggested to play either on a polish server [while i was the only polish person from my team, and others had too high ping there] or on topsid, which is pretty old and crashes. After 1,5h of trying to select a server, an admin decided that we will play on ea.
We lost the game there, but it got pretty late, about 23:15 cet. Optimizer, who is 15, had to go, because he had school on the next day, so they demanded w/o. An admin decided not to give one, because they have no right to demand one. So we scheduled the decider, and in the meantime, i have asked to add an extra person, because after water leaving us, we needed more players, so springs joined. All the admins agreed that i can add springs but they forgot to add him to the list of JW players.
So we entered the server to play the decider with springs, yet they said he cant play. No admin was present at that time, so i asked to play the gameand then if any admin later has any hesitation, we would give w/o, but they refused, so we switched springs with gijs, and they were still refusing to play because as they said "springs changed his nick to gijs", and so, after 1 hour of insulting me and my team, we had to leave, because opti again had to go. And that is why billy gave them w/o.
10. What's happening after this NQR for JW? There have been rumours that your star players will be leaving...
After this nqr, i hope to get few players that can be a bit more active. As far as I know, only Optimizer thins about going to higher-div team. The rest said it was fun this season, and they are going to stay. And more people are coming, too. Jedaya joined recently, and mja plans to. I think it is very good for us, the weaker players, because we can learn a lot while playing with such players as mja.
11. What are your general opinions of the current NQR system with regards to structure, schedule, playoffs, and map pool?
I think there are some things, that may get improved. For example a forum, where all the players can submit their oppinions or ideas how to make the league better. Also accounts for everyone, to eliminate fakenicking would be nice. About the playoffs - i think that clans should not face other if their |diva - divb| > 1. The rest is pretty fine with me. The maps are all new for me :), so I cant really say if there should be a tb3 or tb3+x.
12. There's already an NQR forum over on, use it as you desire. Ok now some less serious questions :) TB3 or kenya?
tb3 and kenya :)
13. Software or GL?
14. Hagge or Horatio?
15. Rock or pop?
16. Britney or Christina?
Britney [hi canius!]
17. And of course the most important issue... gaz or sassa?
a hard one... :) i think you both are fine as commentators [diplomatic option]
18. Pfft... fuck diplomacy. Anyway thanks a lot for taking the time to answer my questions, it should make very interesting reading. Best of luck in the playoffs.
Thanks, I`m glad i had a chance of explaining myself officially :)
racersnigeln - 2004-04-09 21:27:57
gg with interviews, still waiting for someone to interview me, the youngest qwplayer B<
blu - 2004-04-09 21:35:07
Fausto - 2004-04-09 21:59:41
About question 11 - i meant`s forums connectivity with the nqr league aint sufficient enough. Just imho tho.
canius - 2004-04-09 22:18:45
HI FAUSTO! :D (Go Brintney!)
canius - 2004-04-09 22:19:09
ok, so that was suppose to be "Go Britney" (stupid beer :( )
fst - 2004-04-10 00:44:31
heheh :)
FlePser - 2004-04-10 01:32:35
go Brinta! good for the morning powah!
CRD - 2004-04-10 09:43:05
omg now you're a superstar fausto =[ can i get an autograph? :P
Apollyon - 2004-04-10 11:32:18
Entertaining interview. Fausto seems to run his clan like in a football manager game.
damn.popov - 2004-04-10 11:40:16
"so they [damn] demanded w/o. An admin decided not to give one, because they have no right to demand one. So we scheduled the decider" it isn't true at all, cause we agreed to reschedulle it from the very beginning, so don't blame us. And of course you didn't say that springs fakenicked at the beginning after we refused to play vs unsigned players. :(
damn.xilon - 2004-04-10 11:43:24
:(((((((( nice interview :)
fausto - 2004-04-10 13:28:30
popov: u were screaming for w/o whatever happened. then aken said u wont get it because we only have to play the decider. And springs joined with the nick water, but i asked him to change into springs immediately, and he did that. I also said it was him, so no need to mention this, unless u really want to fight for a w/o no matter what.
canius - 2004-04-10 16:45:48
were iz the love B< (think of Britney, that iz love)
popov - 2004-04-10 21:40:05
fausto i just see u don't say everything. And we were NOT screaming for w/o after 1-1. And u know it.
fausto - 2004-04-11 00:41:19
Popov dear friend, maybe u aint, but unfortunately ur teammates were doing so, and the result is the w/o on the decider. Want to ask them how many hundred times have they repeated the phrase w/o over last 2 weeks?
blu - 2004-04-11 12:28:58
lets play a decider map now? would be so cool. If you like me AND fausto will play, so its like w/o ok?
fake - 2004-04-11 14:04:12
like i said before jw is lame and will be lame fakenicker klan i hope so they will be non stop fucked in ass couse fausto is hot guy and like be fucked btw jw change ur flag couse we dont want to shame of u fuckin lamers!!!!!!!!
damn.drunkard - 2004-04-11 16:52:28
decider will be play today, it should be nice to check who is really better, nice interview fausto
FlePser - 2004-04-11 23:51:45
I think polish are lame! but so are swedish/finnish/norwegian/danish/german/english/belgian/luxembourgian/french/italian/greek/spanish ! Only the Dutch are non-lame!
FlePser - 2004-04-11 23:52:05
fausto - 2004-04-12 01:13:02
GG in the decider!
mja - 2004-04-12 03:10:25
sad... but true flep
Angua - 2004-04-19 23:43:47
BGSR is teh famoustezt :) !

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