jkka aka keeo  2004-03-01  
We'll we continue with jkka, div2 and clan fappers. This is not so interesting start for the interview coz im using the same stuff what i did with jaguar, but! check the end, coz this dude is pretty hard shit in duels, there are a map called 'keeowalk.bsp'. Huh, you can imagine that!

Jkka - road to success
1. Tell me who the heck you really are :)
Hi oosi! Ok, my name is Jukka Holm, age is 23 yrs. I study computer science for the 4th year in my hometown Espoo.
2. Yow! Espoo rox. So, how about the history with comps?
ok ok. computer games history...ok ok .. first "computer-like-device" as VIC20 which my father brought home for my and my big brothers joy. Cant really remember it, i was too young, but after that was the legendary C-64. that was awesome machine and we spent hours and hours with my brother and friends just loading up those addictive games. I never went for the amiga, i just had the c64 and after that game my first pc. Cant really remember what was the first game, the pc was prolly 286-based, but it was all pc after that, like 286,386,484.. and so forth.
3. Nice! How about todays computer?
ok today i play qw with my athlon XP 2000+, TI4800SE and I use vga fuhquake. ive played qw only for like 3 yrs. it was my schoolmate mooniz who brought me into this game.
4. Hehe, all knows mooniz. So, tell me differensies in your point of view between 4on4 and 1on1?
oh ok. (he prolly lags or idles and thinks about my question) nice question oosi! well in 4on4 there are more complex tactics included, timing powerups, saving borepacks, etc. But in both gamemodes it is in my perspective all about controlling the maps important points, like in aerowalk, if you can keep the opponent away from getting ra and ya, you pretty much control the map.
5. other thingies between the 4on4 and 1on1?
yeah of course the communicating is big addition in 4on4.
6. Ok, next question about youre favourite map. you've run over few nasty and good players, including dare, vore, vert in aerowalk. why you feel comfortable youre ass in that map?
well .. aah.. aerowalk.. mmm my favourite definetly. i was first introduced to this brilliant map by mooniz. it was that time i was still learning how to bunnyhop. mooniz said me that it was possible to bunnyhop to the ra, if you collect enough speed. it wasnt like hours, it was more like days i pracced that jump :D then the map somehow disappeared, it wasnt popular here in europe that time but maybe during the duelmania5? speccing razors amazing style of play brought people back to the map, including me. the biggest reson i love it, is the moving.
7. You have any favourite enemies on that map? Any truly good and tight matches?
well ive lately played it mostly with buggy and vore. i could say that buggy has been the closest match must be now like 50-50 all time :) vore is more like 1-99, but ive played with so many ppl. ender is one that comes in mind, with enjoyable games. and maybe dare as the #1 hatink with all the cs ://
8. Any enemies that you fear in that map? Any guys you never would play against in keeowalk?
lol keeowalk, thats just oositalk.
9. Well everyone knows it as a keeowalk, even hagg0r knows it!
ok i fear no-one, ive learned to enjoy the map even losing, but its most enjoyable against guys who likes to attack much and move around the map.
10. Give me and others some advice how you can enjoy by loosing? I'm doing that all the time and it does not satisfy me.
well its not the loosing that brings satisfy, but if its a gg its a gg even if you lose..i mean having tight game with nice frags is much more enjoying than playing some 100-0 game vs someone whos just learning the map.
11. Hehe.
and who plays qw for winning?? you should know its eventually impossible as as long as SR is out there.
12. Ok. I'll give you freedom to shoot out few words!
brb, booting.
13. ....
i could say that qw is the one and most addictive game ive ever seen, its so hard to master THAT DAMN GAME HV YOU ALL .. and remember not to take the game too seriously or you end up like hawkki :(
14. Thanks buddy, u rock!
u rok the most
slebe - 2004-03-01 00:56:40
jkka - 2004-03-01 01:01:39
slebe, kossun hinta laskee t?n?
oosi - 2004-03-01 01:03:51
buggy - 2004-03-01 01:46:32
ggs keeo <3
Irstu Myykk? - 2004-03-01 01:47:07
jkka - 2004-03-01 02:45:46
Angua - 2004-03-01 03:17:45
keeodoks <3
kippo - 2004-03-01 07:17:23
keeo :<
lavos - 2004-03-01 09:57:15
oosi vois haastatella suomeks ku kuitenkin suomalaisia kaikki haastateltavat :[
menth0l - 2004-03-01 13:39:25
Vois haastatella suomeks ku kuitenki englanti sill? on mit? on :D
jkka - 2004-03-01 13:56:55
vois kyl olla suomeks toiki ku e itekk?? tajuu mit? tos sanotaa
Hagge - 2004-03-01 14:30:25
omg keeowalk and oosi <3<3<3
seni - 2004-03-01 14:48:40
onks juorut kossun alenemisest true? taijan tulla takas suomee Be
oosi - 2004-03-01 14:55:09
jeh seni, voit muuttaa vaik k?mppikseks ku kes?l vapautuu huone, 300e/kk sis?lt?? vesi, s?hk? ja 2mb netti, juna-asema 250m p??s ja 15minsaa menee keskustaan, gg?
Vertigo - 2004-03-01 15:36:27
Hehehe.... "you've run over few nasty and good players, including dare, vore, VERT in aerowalk." Thanks Oosi :). Jkka is one of those dudes who can handle his nerves incredibly well and keeps up a good playing spirit all the time. Funny fellow!
Vertigo - 2004-03-01 15:37:11
I guess I belong to the "nasty" category up there.
Kumikala - 2004-03-01 16:38:28
I very much enjoyed questions 11 and 13. And that clever comparison of 1on1 and 4on4, NICE! Mut oikeesti kiva q haastatteluiki tulee ;/
jkka - 2004-03-03 00:10:43
ok kumikala
supa - 2004-03-03 14:10:07
Yeah, communicating is crucial (question #5). Like when your teammate accidentally shoots you, you must always remember to stop and write "GG!".
oosi - 2004-03-03 21:00:33
yep and then you should remember to wrote 'HV' if you fuck up whole thing!
panic - 2004-03-04 10:30:55
wtf.. where is wallu interview :(
forsberg - 2004-03-05 15:45:54
you finns are fucked up, and your comments in finnish just plain sucks.
Vertigo - 2004-03-06 01:01:50
seni - 2004-03-09 14:03:09
tietty, kaikki johtajat ja paallikkoaijat on finskei. niiq esim ma.

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