Battle Info  2004-06-22 Classic Cup Pro - round 1

Charlatans 1 - 2 Eradication Instincts Defined

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


eid lames avg ping. : CHR 75ms 3 pl avg ping. : EID 49ms 1 pl groom:125 ms :| - by Charlatans



W.O. - Walkover


We had a bad start and had quickly lost control over the map, because one of our players (Pewe) timed out, but 3 of us went on playing. When Pewe couldn`t reconnect for some reason, we gave them WO. - by Charlatans



CMT4 - Andromeda 9 CMT version


CHR next time plz use normal nicks, cause i cant add frags - by NQR Admin

CMT4: This time we had a good start, had a 30:10 lead, both Quad and Pent were ours, we had YA safe and Tom was camping RA, when Pewe timed out again and we played 3on4 once more.We asked EID's clanleader Fausto "Can we wait for Pewe?" to which Fausto's reply was "Are you fucking nuts? We`re losing and we have to wait?" (in polish: "pojebalo cie? przegrywamy i mamy jeszcze czekac?") After that EID took over the map having one more player in their team (3 CHR vs 4 EID). Then another player of ours timed out and Murda had to replace him, but we were still playing 3vs4 when yet another player of ours got a timeout.EID won because of overloading our networks NOT because of their SKILLS! EID LAMES! - by Charlatans


Horatio ( 2004-06-08 17:56:52
groom ( 2004-06-09 12:47:14
f. ( 2004-06-21 10:49:21
scores plz!
blu ( 2004-06-22 22:39:32
a bit of a lol game. We needed 30min to decide a server, after 10 min on nl server it seemed not to be good enough for chr, and then someone dropped at dm3. we did break and became w.o.... On cmt4 they lost another player for some minutes, this time we didnt break, i mean it was delayed long enough... sorry for that but we were pretty keen on finishing it and watching the soccer game... Dm2 was lol at all, hardkor watched the game and stopped to play after about 15min, fausto also was kind of watching Tv and stevens and i werent smart enough to find the tele. A very nice and relaxed and of course short game, please more
hardkor ( 2004-06-22 23:12:42
:F very suxx game sorry chr
stevens ( 2004-06-22 23:23:46
WO suxx
pewe ( 2004-06-22 23:39:28
"after 10 min on nl server it seemed not to be good enough for chr, and then someone dropped at dm3" blu it's not my fault that a ilve i kurwa land and i have shitty pl adsl:(((((((
hardkor ( 2004-06-22 23:47:08
that was a sucky game... high pings etc... gl next times chr
tom ( 2004-06-23 09:49:38
Before the cmt4 match fausto agreed to pause game if someone drop. Than after couple of minutes pewe was timing. Fausto tried to stop the game but it wasn't possible. He said - wait, averybody, don't move. We stopped to play and were waiting for pewe. Few seconds after this i heard that someone had quad and i or groom asked wtf? That was fausto answer: are you crazy ? we are loosing 15-30 and you think we'll wait ? no comment dm2 was lol :)
blu ( 2004-06-23 09:59:19
Well if you talk about pauseable or unpausable game, then do it in fucking english so everyone can read it? And maybe enable pause function in the game? Pewe its not ur fault, of course it isnt. Was just bad timing :) And on nl server... we waited there 10min and after 10 groom said its not good enough for him. I just wondered why he said that after 10min right before the game was to start... but i odnt mind. Wasnt a good day for anyone of us
tom ( 2004-06-23 10:18:46
my point is that fusto decided to stop playing and dont move and fausto just after this said that he is not going to wait and we must be crazy if we think so.
gaz ( 2004-06-23 11:16:15
WTF JW played a game where people are unhappy?!?!?!
Groom ( 2004-06-23 11:48:11
luck , luck , luck ! cmt was our :<
hardkor ( 2004-06-23 13:16:57
cry... like a whore :<
fausto ( 2004-06-23 13:38:13
First of all, i would like to say that we hate to play vs polish clans even more. Anyway only pewe and tom behaved fine. The rest was kinda flooding us with insults. Well, u can see that in the nick list on the cmt4 screen. According to the rules, we dont even have to pause. We would even agree to restart the game, but you said w/o - lol, not only said, but flooded us with insults again. Then we tried to stop playing, despite we were loosing on cmt4, yet when i asked numerous times not to move, I HAVE HEARD PPL MOVING, and SOMEONE FORM CHR suddenly appeared - sorry, if that was ur way of wininng, then that is very lame. And what happened to ur 500ms pings after prewar? suddenly it got below 100? its a kind of magic? According to the new rules, i have made my complaint about this team to nqr admin. If we check div5, where chr played last season, the comments about pings are after each game of theirs. Time to prevent 14 year old cs players fucking up qw tourneys. Ah, and if someone doesnt believe me - demos are [except dm3 where we did break, despite we should improve our fragranks] on BG.
gaz ( 2004-06-23 13:51:17
my comment was meant as a joke, please don't take it the wrong way :) oh btw no fragranks in summer cup so no point playing just to improve that :F
tom ( 2004-06-23 15:57:50
i cant find demos :| they appear in lastscores but not in cmd dlist. btw lets forget about this match. now we'll rape some newbies in amateur cup :)
Murda ( 2004-06-23 19:09:06
Katsku ( 2004-06-23 19:33:20
Too much text, if I wanna read this much I go to library
popov ( 2004-06-23 20:11:27
furia ( 2004-06-24 10:14:41
Poland ownz... :|
groom ( 2004-06-24 11:55:33
stevens ( 2004-06-24 13:30:26
groom lame :P
groom ( 2004-06-25 11:08:42
:) ok :| stevens hot , Fausto lame :<
stevens ( 2004-06-25 13:48:28
hardkor ( 2004-06-26 17:29:05
stevens gay :(

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