E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned  
Times Played 26
Total Frags 8953
Avg. Frags / Play 344.3
Most Played By El?intarha - 5 times
Best Efficiency Dutch Hope, Leftovers, Suddendeath, boefje, Dybbuk, Hell Patrol, Hyphen, Fraggers United, mumS2, Clich, Just For Fun- 100%
Worst Efficiency Griffin's Tappra Gossar, Firing Squad, Shadow Minions, Pigs Of Fucking Fury, Team Freedom, Vets, Brotherhood of Thangorodrim, Damneds, qandrane, Last-Episode, funky pirate superstars, Charlatans - 0%
Biggest Ownage Suddendeath 246-43 funky pirate superstars @ E1M2
Closest Game MNY 158-156 Brotherhood of Thangorodrim @ E1M2
Average Winning Margin 75.0 frags
No demos available for this map.

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    Nations Quake Rank 2004