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Date Clan with pointlead       Clan Result Score  
2006-02-01 21:42 Team Freedom vs =Vets= Veterans of HellFire 0 - 2 (303 - 379) Games


Map: dm2
Team Freedom 149 - 200 =Vets= Veterans of HellFire

Map: dm3
Team Freedom 154 - 179 =Vets= Veterans of HellFire


Team Freedom 5432 0 91 +91 5523
=Vets= Veterans of HellFire 1760 103 350 +453 2213
      103 441 544  
PBG - Points before game, PMW - Points for map win, PGS - Points for game score, TOT - Total score (PMW+PGS), PAG - Points after game


01 © znappe     2006-02-01 21:48 Q
tight one, could have gone either way.. at dm2 they got 4 first rl and got 50 frag lead right away.. and as we suck on dm2 we were kinda fucked on dm3 it was tight all the way but the vets-pentaluck from eql continued and we were fucked again
02 © Ã…ke Vader     2006-02-01 21:55 Q
Hehe, before the last pent i came from SNG, fat as fuck and decided that i was on a roll and aimed to go via lifts to pent. Had a boomstick enemy in my ass but decided to give it a try anyway. First try, no luck. Second try, no luck...third try - NO LUCK. I end up going the long way to window and dropping some rockets on the people below to get pent with like 40 health.

03 © znappe     2006-02-02 04:02 Q
znappe styr upp screens, typiskt! här får man göra allt!
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