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Battle Info  2007-03-08 Gold Cup group A - Week 2 (5)

Hippushnik 1 - 2 Death Dealers

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


just 5 min before this game we raped sr2 350:50 so we decided to not use serox and rather let rusty and not properly warmed up mr bright side of life to warm up. he was also told to play this game like div4 because we wanted to win with only 5 frag margin to have proof in future flame-wars about our performance. moltas misunderstood and thought he is the one who'd been told to play like div4. derek decided to raise his ping by rerouting through 3 qizmos cause he loves to have 'lucky seventy' as his ping. our plan was going nice until 16th minute when ya spawn at big became broken and ya stopped to spawn at all. we didn't know that so after 4 unsuccessful big-mega rjumps we wasted 2 minutes waiting for ya (~0/30/rl:90) and then we died to enemy quad and lose some precious frags. in the end, with around 30 frags advantage, 2 rls and 3 min left we barricaded in ramh. when match ended it turned out that it wasn't us who were leading... - by Death Dealers



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


what didn't work out in claustophobopolis was done properly in abandoned base. it all started with serox aka joker who delayed first quad so long that we didn't know when it spawns for next 5 minutes. the brit was kinda hungry for blood so we sent the beast into enemy territory which happened to be ya/rl/water and the rest of us barricated in ra with 3 rls bantering who should take next RAg. several seconds later we all lost toys. that would be just too easy if we didn't. so, happy spawning began. we decided to stop this fiesta in the middle of the game by stealing cool-lookin-penta from hips. they were in fact very kind and decided to bore rl or two to us so we could take our red room back. we took the lead but then again we decided it's not gonna be polite if we take last red powerup from them. so, 2 mins before the end there was a draw. exactly as we planned. we carried out our plan and won with several frags. easy. - by Death Dealers



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


before 'tour de castle' started mr dark legsi asked if he may switch back to div1 mode from his current div4 mode cause he's tired of pretending. so it was then [eureka] when we realized that we forgot to tell him this before the action in the abandoned base. the castle turned out to have narrow corridors and quite aggresive occupants. i liked yellow and toy room most but they didn't let me to get there too often so i had to sneak and do some tricks. tour guide wasn't generally bad, he showed me all secrets and corners, but he had this weird habit to pursuit every rival guide and beat them with his stick. that wouldn't be bad if he didn't take me for a rival guide from time to time. i couldn't get it - why does he give me yellow nice cloth and big stick if 15 secs later he forces me to run naked again. that's perversion - i though, but near the end i realised it was some kind of a test to receive 'castle driving license'... as he told me i passed 'run forrest run', 'better you than i', 'longer stick is more efficient' and 'green wears up faster than yellow' tests. unfortunately i failed 'conserve the light' test - just couldn't make it to be there every fruckin minute to turn the light off... maybe more luck next time. - by Death Dealers


Mingle - 88.115.37.*** 070309 @ 10:21:04
There is little mistake in dm3 report... Everyone forgot the first quad and we got it after 17secons after the start... but ggs anyway. We just can't win two maps in one match. Impossible.
serox - 217.150.108.*** 070309 @ 11:22:00
dm3, I took ring and missed jump to quad:) waited 17secs at hill pointing at quad and my team mates just ignored it.
cpe - 131.211.155.*** 070309 @ 12:22:57
plaster daub jak HEJT :D:D:D:D:D:D
plast - 83.13.196.*** 070309 @ 16:12:17
nice joke serox ;D
Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070311 @ 17:26:13
lol stop freaking me out with your damn reports plast, you're starting to scare me :(
plast - 83.13.196.*** 070311 @ 21:40:39
scare you? :E
Darff - 193.130.68.*** 070312 @ 14:06:06
excellently derranged report
Troll - 146.191.228.*** 070511 @ 22:05:35
plast jaki whine:X
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