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Gold Cup Quarterfinal
koff 1-2 Team Freedom
Slackers 2-1 Suddendeath
Clan MalFunction 2-0 Death Dealers
Antiquad 0-2 Dota-Allstar-Guys
Silver Cup Quarterfinal
Core 2-0 Demolition Crew
jokkmokk 2-0 Bear Beer Balalaika
Hell Gloom Crew 0-2 JUGS
ballistic 2-0 NoPasaran!
Bronze Cup Quarterfinal
Clan Cube Squad 0-2 EnemyQuad
DOT 0-2 smackthatass
Boomstick Ownators 0-2 O CLA
Mean Machine 2-0 Mori2ri
Gold Cup Semifinal
Clan MalFunction 3-1 Team Freedom
Slackers 1-3 Dota-Allstar-Guys
Silver Cup Semifinal
Core 3-1 JUGS
jokkmokk 1-3 ballistic
Bronze Cup Semifinal
EnemyQuad 0-3 O CLA
Mean Machine 3-1 smackthatass
Gold Cup Final
Clan MalFunction 0-3 Dota-Allstar-Guys
Silver Cup Final
Core 1-3 ballistic
Bronze Cup Final
Mean Machine 0-3 O CLA
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 - Core06/04/07
 - In a Blaze08/03/07
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