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Battle Info  2007-05-28 Bronze Cup Final

Mean Machine 0 - 3 O CLA

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned




davi - 201.50.9.*** 070529 @ 12:47:47
hauduhauDUduhuash rox
mushi_of_MM - 62.48.149.*** 070529 @ 16:55:05
we did surprisingly well on dm3, after a fullstart by OCLA. We managed to recover and control areas but i blew it by dying at ra leaving a RL - n00b style. On Dm2 we were leading most of the map, but they did a nice tookover and we couldn't handle it. On E1m2, DRAMA! :D skillah's pc died for some minutes when we were confortably leading, and the admins speccing the game decided to break it. After that some more drama, skillah returned we started but he timed again, we got tired of qw and just respawned for 20m.

Deserved win by OCLA, shame it seemed so easy. It was a bad day for us i guess, ggs anyway. Enjoy the champagne :)

mushi - 62.48.149.*** 070529 @ 16:56:15
btw, the server sucked and minping sucked even more.
eXz - 201.50.180.*** 070529 @ 18:37:09
odeio jogando facil, ai no exterior so tem pato =/

de qualquer forma, parabens meus padawans
Soma - 134.130.50.*** 070529 @ 19:23:32
"and the admins speccing the game decided to break it"

Let me correct that for you, Mushi. The admins didn't decide shit. The server you (both clans) had agreed one was an old KTX server which has a bug that you're unable to kick someone who timed out. You would have either had to finish the game with 3 people (and O Cla had mapcontrol by the way) or break it. The players then decided to break. Blame the people who chose the server please, not the admins. :)
Skillah - 217.76.20.*** 070529 @ 19:24:42
I want to congratulate O cla with their victory. They show me you don't need good ping to perform with nice teamplay like they did. Maybe we should have practised some games with minping before this match :P

It was a nice season! Hope to be back next time :]

P.S. Sorry specs and players for the time-outs on e1m2 :D
allien - 65.96.238.*** 070530 @ 03:40:12
ggs...nice games....SKILLAH S2 =x
com4nder - 80.251.161.*** 070530 @ 10:26:47
como e que voces foram perder com estes brasileiros? lol
allien - 65.96.238.*** 070531 @ 03:19:32
pq brasileiros > portugays xD
VVD - 81.211.28.*** 070531 @ 15:36:41
div3 OCLA vs div3 Mean Machine play in Bronze final, but div5/low div4 Div Sub-Zero must play in Silver!
GGS fix!!!
6.ric aka doob - 200.171.247.*** 070531 @ 23:20:48
congratulations, guys, i'm very proud ;p

cheers from brazil

- O Cl [6] Brazilian division
6.FUX - 201.16.215.*** 070601 @ 00:58:42
Great job guys, GG!
anm - 69.119.143.*** 070601 @ 01:31:06
ggs :)
flepser - 196.25.255.*** 070601 @ 08:51:06
noooooooes you mean machine nubs :( :( :( :(
Doom_rg - 200.163.166.*** 070603 @ 22:55:36
Trinca - 89.181.30.*** 070606 @ 01:16:50
foda-se seus recos do caralho :p dediquem-se a puta da pesca!!!
coasteR - 201.17.243.*** 070607 @ 03:35:48
nego no exterior s noob! =[
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