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Battle Info  2007-05-17 Bronze Cup Semifinal

Mean Machine 3 - 1 smackthatass

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Skillah not even 100. And he calls himself 'finalist'. Lame! - by NQR Admin



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned





E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned




mushi_of_MM - 84.90.51.*** 070518 @ 01:28:20
after some div-wise delay (MM with troubles) we started playing.
1st map dm2. We did some FFA and after 20 min managed to win dispiste having less than 25% of the available quads
2nd map dm3. Just before the start, we meditated and gave all our quad-skillz to skilla. He did a good job running around until he was telefragged like a n00b.
3rd map e1m2. Plain ffa again, kinda boring respawning all the time
4th map e1m2. And again the ffa (in respect to XS4all). we were the team with higher scores after 20min so we won.

ggs hf kthxbye
allien - 65.96.238.*** 070518 @ 01:38:26
cambada de viadao =]
vegeta - 69.115.169.*** 070518 @ 05:25:09
GG's meanmachine!
skillah do u think im afraid of you? hA! :)
luv u guys! ..
good work! you guys did really good!
anni - 80.135.3.*** 070518 @ 08:54:41
Even if Meanmachine played FFA they did enough damage to bet us. This evening we couldnt play with your strongest lineup, because iba was missing. Pulp did his job instead.

Skillah - 217.76.20.*** 070518 @ 16:48:04
Well played sTa! Close game on the first map. Im happy for our team cause we haven't practised much lately so this still is a good achievment vs a good team. Lol @ mushi comment! :)

Goodluck in future sTa!

knast - 217.231.140.*** 070518 @ 17:39:11

was okey for me, we just must improve our quadruns, but our quadtiming was great, our quadattacks were also perfect.
They got the first rl+quad, they safed the 2.low rl with quad and got also the high rl.
But we used our fresh Teamplay and did a takeover. But after 10mins we lost control again because they attacked us with about 3 rls,...they got 3 rls because we had bad quadruns.
Well quadruns is an individual skill.
But our teamplay skill (timing, attacks etc.) looks great.
We did not lost this game because the opponent was too good, we just lost the game because of our mistakes.
But if we would do no mistakes we would be not a div4 team:)


we just did a bad start here.
Just 2 guys waited for the 2. quad (me and anni), i wanna see 3 guys here!!!
But me and anni killed one enemy rl, but thats was not enough.
The quad died, thats why we didnt go with the quad to ya/bridge (ra was already lost) to safe/kill the weapons.
Thats why Ra/Ya was lost after 1 min.


They just underestimate us and we did not know that thats why we lost the second e1m2.


Im sure we would win DM2(MM's map) with our best lineup.
Btw what about cmt4 and cmt3 like in the eql, 3 maps are just too boring!
especially in best of 5 matches!!!

soma - 85.93.204.*** 070518 @ 19:53:01
knast: The map-pool was decided by the democratic votes of the clans, not by the NQR team. At the end of the day, we just try to please the scene.
Chipi - 87.97.124.*** 070518 @ 22:56:01
knast, im not sure in that dm2:) It was a terrible dm2 from us:)
mushi - 62.48.149.*** 070522 @ 12:19:39
ola knasterbruster


i forgot to mention, sta had fullstart on dm3. And no way you can win dm2 from us :) Im just GOD there:P
knast - 217.231.137.*** 070524 @ 09:25:30
dm2 is my map, for 10 years nnw, no way:)
knast - 217.231.137.*** 070524 @ 09:27:14
god is just god, but im knast:)
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