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Battle Info  2007-04-29 Gold Cup Semifinal

Slackers 1 - 3 Dota-Allstar-Guys

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned





DM3 - The Abandoned Base




After the game; TCO & PARA - 88.192.210.*** 070430 @ 02:29:27
1. fix: Congratulations for DAG, earning the final spot..did you expect that you would beat sr?

TheChosenOne: Can't say that I did, Slackers always seem so unbeatable in tourneys.
But we have beaten their div1/2 team in prac before, so sure, it was possible :)

fix: Para, i watched the game and it kinda left me thinking that Dag took it rather easier than i would have imagined..
Not to take anything away from dag boys, but was there any specific reason for this? or am i just too fanatic sr fan?
Do you feel like that was the best sr had to offer tonight?

]SR[ParadokS: Yes. Better luck in eql hopefully.

fix: First dm3 went kinda clearly to sr even You got better start TCO, was the first round some sort of needed warmup before the real deal..or what happend?

TheChosenOne: Well, in the first game we didnt focus enough, we gave away RA at a crucial time and went for quad instead.
I think it was dragon who sneaked in and amushed the quad as he was coming back again.
Shows you cant leave RA unnoticed against a div0 clan, and certainly not one with mm3

fix: sr got pretty solid grip to vital areas after that..and took all the pents aswell?

TheChosenOne: yepp, we sucked at penta basically.

]SR[ParadokS: dag pretty much got fullstart on first dm3. and same time pascal's ventrilo froze so we had only 3 man on mm3. very annoying.
Somehow we made takeover and never looked back. made sure they didn't get enough weapons and armor to do any serious damage.
Timing weapons on dm3 seems to be the new trend for div0.

fix: give me a wildguess how many minutes you sat on ra-top in 2nd dm3? 15mins? :)

TheChosenOne: 18 minutes ? :)

fix: How about the delay episode then before the game..could both of you give statement to that..?

TheChosenOne: We had just pracced vs a mix team and rock's ping was unstable, jumping to 170.
So he quit QW, and pinged different servers in DOS and reported on irc that he would have to wait and see if his ping would go down.
When he joined the server, there was nothing wrong with his ping tho, so I bet that made it abit suspicious.

fix: no dramawhine or anything?

TheChosenOne: ofc there was whine, apparantly murdoc couldnt stay up too late.

]SR[ParadokS: its not normal to wait for a whole hour for opponent to show up. but we did that.
Eventhough it cost us keyplayer in last round.
We are wonering what we can do for eql playoffs, that this won't happen again..

fix: TheChosenOne, Do you think that murdocs absence on the 4th map had effect on the scores?

TheChosenOne: cant really say, I dont know enough about murdocs game vs his subsitutes.
I only know that paradoks and pascal are the men to fear in Slackers.

]SR[ParadokS: We never played without murdoc in official game, so it was pretty crucial.
Our game is based more on teamplay than individual skills, so ofcourse it had an impact.

fix: How about e1m2..really tight round...sr seemed to have some bad karma as insane lagged out for 1min or so..
is the srluck factor starting to have negative effects? :)

TheChosenOne: that disconnect was surely a mapdecider thats for sure.

]SR[ParadokS: apparantly so.
Not only did he time out,but we had control over map and insane timed out shortly before quad spawned, with ya and rl at gl.
With his disconnect we still managed to only lose with 3 frags, so i'm sure we would have won that round.
From there on it was downhill for us.

TheChosenOne: sure sure sure ...

fix: Whats the difference between SR and Dag?

TheChosenOne: The difference between SR and DAG I belive lies in the ability to gain quick frags.
We tend to divide us out more and gamble abit. It can lead to a big score in short time, but we're weak against coordinated attacks and take overs.
But Slackers were awesome to gather troops and take over vital areas quickly, but they couldnt just quite catch up with the amount of frags today.

fix: TheChosenOne give us something consider the final then..which 1 do you prefer cmf/freedom and why?

TheChosenOne: I would prefer freedom, no doubt about it. I get scared by the names of fifi, fix and reppie..
Although, if Freedom should beat this monster, then I would fear them aswell :)
Freedom seem unfocused and unmotivated aswell, since valla has left them in EQL, and they're only playing for NQR semi-/grandfinale.
cMF can take over the map, and turn a big negative score around and win.
So we will have to perform our best for all 20 minutes, and not CS at the end like in semis.

fix: Para: Is SR motivated to play the bronze game?

]SR[ParadokS: we will ofcourse play any remaining game in nqr.
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Dahmer - 193.15.216.*** 070430 @ 10:10:41
probably the best game of this season, too bad there was/were arguments about delay and ping and timeouts.

DAG fought well and deserved the win...hopefully a clan here to stay and not idle the comming seasons
murdoc - 84.245.6.*** 070430 @ 12:51:29
all i can say is ggs
Dahmer - 193.15.216.*** 070430 @ 13:50:39
prac murdoc?
Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070430 @ 17:00:31
sure seems like ggs! glad to see a new clan can step up like this and take down the greatest (?) clan the last couple of seasons! impressive indeed! gl in final/bronze
ajkon - 213.114.243.*** 070502 @ 00:09:35
how come noone thought of the idea to interview players after games ? keep up shu shu
djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070503 @ 19:59:53
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