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Battle Info  2007-05-02 Bronze Cup Semifinal

EnemyQuad 0 - 3 O CLA

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




sailorman - 81.231.190.*** 070503 @ 01:09:05
so unlucky at e1m2 :( ggs
antic - 130.240.193.*** 070503 @ 01:57:11
DM3: Their choice. Of course. They always play DM3 well so little hope for us winning this map. Sailor was sneaky and actually got a penta and had an ok run but not much we can do against the DM3-machine that is O Clan.

E1M2: Our homemap. O Clan had the better start but we soon turned things around. After some fighting over ya/gl we took control and had the game exactly where we wanted it and gaining fast on their diminishing lead with every quadrun. Then the Qizmo dies mid game. I think all players + cam disconnects, this is played in london and we are all on the same proxy. Just enough time for O Clan to stock up on RLs and YA. So another 5 minutes spent regaining control. With 3 minutes to spare the slowspawning begin. Ran out of time :/

DM2: They start the game better than us again but we make a comeback. We are in the lead after a while. I think it was almost matlock at one point with me pining the entire enemy team at low. But we are not so motivated at this point and lose it somehow. Last half they get all the quads more or less.

Had we won the E1M2 that was rightfully ours things might have been different. GGS and good luck in the bronze finals O Clan.
STEEK - 74.104.41.*** 070503 @ 03:47:26
Thanks for the games, sorry for e1m2, was very close up until you guys timed out, could have went either way! :)
vegeta - 69.115.169.*** 070503 @ 07:55:52
gg's everybody..
qizmo helped us a lot at e1m2 ... thx enemyquad for the games.. i was great games.. u guys did a lot better than our first game.. good luck on next season.. and hopefully you guys will get the bronze! :))
vegeta - 69.115.169.*** 070503 @ 16:58:13
... *it was great games...
STEEK - 32.60.78.*** 070504 @ 13:41:01
I would like to thank vegeta for trying to speak english :)
allien - 65.96.238.*** 070504 @ 21:42:24
vegeta - 69.115.169.*** 070518 @ 05:26:56
steek ur fired! dont ever talk to me like this again!
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