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Battle Info  2007-05-09 Gold Cup Final

Clan MalFunction 0 - 3 Dota-Allstar-Guys

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


We weren't ready in the beginning and when we finally took over, it was way too late. - by Clan MalFunction



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


Not much to say about this one either. They were playing extremely well, especially razor, while we put on a sub-par performance. - by Clan MalFunction



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


I suppose this round reflects our form tonight. Even though we started really strong and held control for quite some time, we gave it away at a discounted price. Sure, they had to work for it but we kinda let them do it. I think we expected to win the final without breaking a sweat. Congratulations to dag, they have proven to be worthy winners. We, cmf, would also like to apologize to the spectators for such lackluster performance. - by Clan MalFunction


moris - 84.42.163.*** 070509 @ 23:21:19
TheChosenOne - 84.48.53.*** 070509 @ 23:27:07
Demos up at:
Comment edited by djevulsk @ 05-09-07, 14:45:47
reppie - 213.84.72.*** 070509 @ 23:35:20
ggs dag..congrats :)
djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070509 @ 23:53:19
That dm2 could have become a classic if it had gone to OT after that quad-lava-bath. Luckily, it's probably already a classic anyway. Deciding TK's after 19:59:80 are rarely seen. Good games, too bad it didn't go to five rounds!
xalibur - 81.227.209.*** 070510 @ 00:22:57
razor for president??
d$r - 217.96.62.*** 070510 @ 01:29:25
beautiful games! CMF lose makes me cry 8(((
Alt - 80.240.215.*** 070510 @ 06:20:54
so reppie for who? %)
Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070510 @ 09:31:52
I think nobody has expected the mix team dag to be this strong.. 3-0 says it all.. sure was close maps though.. gg!
FlePser - 198.54.202.*** 070510 @ 09:56:40
gratz <3. It's all in the name!
bob - 85.140.197.*** 070510 @ 10:38:27
Still SR are the best!
serox - 217.150.108.*** 070510 @ 10:49:19
damn reppie looked so rusty! School boy errors on each map:(

quite messy games on both side!

masta- - 85.90.143.*** 070510 @ 11:22:57
you can download the videostream from here:

http://www.own3d.at/?section=download_detail&file_id=68 4

(DivX and Flashstream)
qb - 85.226.145.*** 070510 @ 12:09:03
well, everyone seemed nervous. not surprising given the attention this match would receive.
HighlandeR - 150.254.194.*** 070510 @ 14:51:46
even tho the score was 3-0 it could go either way.
each map was very close and could endup differently.

i'm not trying to take anything away from team dag tho, they deserved to win the gold cup after beating both sr and cmf in playoffs

sad the game didnt end in 5 maps.. more action, more fun
Milko - 130.237.91.*** 070510 @ 14:52:03
Isn't razor the most fascinating player ever? The guy probably has the worst aim of any div0 player, yet he still manages to be an integral part of any team he plays in. He must have some awesome kind of tactics and a sense of how to move about the map. Kudos!
eject - 82.181.6.*** 070510 @ 18:19:42
sure he has bad aim=) lol wtf?=) hes just a faking good player. props man.
serox - 85.211.232.*** 070510 @ 19:55:34
razor does the right moves all game.
znappe - 81.236.145.*** 070511 @ 01:08:43
razor does right moves?? Please he is the worst player.... best player imho is still crazymac and dahmer they are like defnsive midfielder (i miessed e in defensive coz i drank ~20 beer who keeps count? lol) in soccer. btw i once played in swedish national soccer team in fifa 2007 i had a moustache
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 070511 @ 07:57:57
knast - 84.56.116.*** 070511 @ 09:21:25
hlt, the teamfragger of the year:)
knast - 84.56.116.*** 070511 @ 09:27:13
@znappe crazymac had a labile psyche, it was easy to break him in all qw matches:P
and razor won against me on dm2 (its not easy to break him with camping skills;), he has all skills for a very good qw player:)
i agree with u that dahmer is a very good qw player, but i dont see him here on the scoreboard:P
Eta-bETa - 90.227.84.*** 070511 @ 09:27:41
B]. 5 games ftw B((((.
keyser - 87.127.77.*** 070511 @ 15:14:50
:( doh cmf, but well pld dag. mad razleg skillz ggs
railer - 91.152.165.*** 070514 @ 01:06:41
after watching those demos, i noticed that rock+razor seem to be a very hot combination. their quad runs with an aggressive attitude made cMF feel very weak. they are also good all-around players and rock has hot aim but razor is great in spamming. and if you add also the super cs and aim master inter, and the all-around player tco, i think you have the receipt for a clean 3-0 win in this NQR10 final.

nice demos to watch!
znappe - 213.80.13.*** 070514 @ 01:25:54
i didnt write that comment tho :) but looks like ggs.
mx - 83.71.38.*** 070523 @ 15:51:34
LOL knast, you are a bad dueler.
mfblr - 81.182.200.*** 070527 @ 23:17:40
sheep0r - 81.6.245.*** 070528 @ 03:51:19
knast, du bist wahnsinnig!
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