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Battle Info  2007-02-11 Gold Cup group B - Week 1 (1)

Tribe of Tjernobyl 0 - 2 Clan MalFunction

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


The game begins with us getting ring quad and pent. After a few mins we are leading by ~15 frags but then they get pent and we all die and it's 59-59 with ToT holding ra firmly. This is when anza pressed the panic-button and started bombing the server causing everyone to lag like hell, so we break :D After the server-change we decide we have to sneak and hide behind corners because it's easier to shoot them in the back, and it was!! Inspired by jus' performance around sng-area everyone climbs fragrank and we get our first point of the season! - by Clan MalFunction



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


Before the round we are contemplating if we should replace jus with zhin. After careful consideration jus is shown the green light and game is on! We get rl and quad but to make it even, our quadguy waits on one of the spawnpoints and gets telefragged with 150/100/gl before he gets the rl! We get a healthy lead which they manage to overtake with just 3 mins on the clock. At this point our inside-man among the enemy team, slime(reloo), kills a few of his "teammates" and we get quad/ya/mh and win, so very easy :) - by Clan MalFunction


Ari - 81.197.179.*** 070211 @ 22:45:40
:EEEE gg (first)
Anza - 84.250.0.*** 070211 @ 22:45:58
All you need is good management
record - 87.206.251.*** 070211 @ 22:54:46
all u need is love! :e
lib - 81.232.191.*** 070211 @ 23:47:19
Slime's the best damn manager in the whole damn biz
Alt - 80.240.215.*** 070212 @ 07:16:06
marklar - 80.221.235.*** 070212 @ 09:53:46
chtv's upload wasn't working, you can get them from bltpowah.mine.nu:27502 though
bps - 213.115.89.*** 070212 @ 10:20:31
nice cmf!
FlePser - 198.54.202.*** 070212 @ 11:13:18
Nice e1m2 :)
mooniz - 194.86.38.*** 070212 @ 12:06:08
hyvä me!
nopee - 213.112.30.*** 070212 @ 14:07:46
ToT is on the rise again! Watch out!
rAge - 88.114.143.*** 070212 @ 19:59:33
looks like cmf is on FAIJAAAAAAAAAAR! Hemohes?
EJECT - 62.236.76.*** 070214 @ 11:31:50
uu mama cmf my herros! go on strikeboys! suckita mamas in the hell!
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