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Battle Info  2007-03-15 Gold Cup group B - Week 3 (6)

Clan MalFunction 2 - 1 koff

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


master timpuri way2hot - by NQR Admin

"What the hell are cmf thinking??" was the question on everyone's lips when they saw that we replaced jus with reppie in the starting line-up. Why would he make his debut against the mighty powerhouse that beat DAG? Well, we thought it would confuse koff because their tactic was tailored to smoke jus out of sng-area. And it did, even though they got the better start we managed to gain a little momentum and grab the second pent. Things were looking fine but one misplaced quadrocket changed it all. Koff got back into the game and it was really close until they sealed the deal by taking the last pent and putting it into a good use. - by Clan MalFunction



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


We flipped a coin and ended up choosing e1m2. Koff got rl in the beginning but we got quad. Koff's rl-dude was surprisingly aggressive and we managed to capitalize on it. The game was really intense with us having a small lead until around the 15min mark when koff took the lead for the first time. Things were looking grim but somehow, and I'm still not sure how, we got back in control and started closing in on them. There was a big fight at the last quad which was killed immediately. There's 20secs left and we are leading by two, we have three people at ya/ya-tele and koffs are nowhere to be seen. It's just too damn easy, 207-205. - by Clan MalFunction



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


This round was so tight and tough on the nerves that it's impossible to remember all of it, so I won't even try :D We controlled the tele-side for the most part while koff had tight grip on low-rl. They just waited and waited for us to make a mistake with quad and they got what they wanted. Quickly they took over the quad-area and started increasing the gap. Again, just about all hope was gone when we got a break we desperately needed. Koff-dudes managed to run into pineapples when we didn't have any rls, just one gl. Backpacks went our way and suddenly we had a chance again. I'm glad we put in the requirement "nerves of steel" when searching for a new player as reppie didn't show any signs of choking :D - by Clan MalFunction


Domin - 62.142.196.*** 070316 @ 01:21:52
hooot game
keyser - 87.127.77.*** 070316 @ 01:22:21
\o/ go cmf! pld koff
Ari - 81.197.179.*** 070316 @ 01:22:51
nice to see cMf back where they belong
Gamer - 193.166.235.*** 070316 @ 01:23:02
a very tight and exciting game to play. vgg cmf.
hagge: Be
Åke Vader - 90.227.94.*** 070316 @ 01:40:48
CMF vs KOFF @ ESReality
Comment edited by fix @ 03-15-07, 16:54:43
Åke Vader - 90.227.94.*** 070316 @ 01:41:11
Maybe some admin can make that a hot clickable link. :)
record - 87.206.242.*** 070316 @ 08:06:37
ojojoj archi benched??? ah ok, they got reppie now :>
GGs both
rAge - 195.148.36.*** 070316 @ 09:02:40
iha vitu gg.
Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070316 @ 10:03:17
Be Gamer!
nice to see that sr might not win this season ;P go get them koff/cmf!
Körmymuna - 83.146.228.*** 070316 @ 14:11:33
Zepp - 89.178.253.*** 070317 @ 00:08:44
That was HOT
msnwf - 81.182.201.*** 070318 @ 18:04:12
well played both teams, will be nice to see these guys in the playoffs, ggs.
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