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Battle Info  2007-03-04 Gold Cup group B - Week 6 (4)

Clan MalFunction 2 - 0 osams

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


We got a great start with all(?) powerups and fix managed to kill their rl-guy before he could stock up. We held ra and ya and the score was like 73-13 when the 2nd pent was about to spawn. I'm not sure if they had any rls or lgs before the pent, but they sure did afterwards :D The same pattern followed during the next 5 mins, we controlled and they still took the pent. After that, they held the map and were closing the gap really fast but eventually we broke through their ra-defense. Man of the Map -award goes to Koo "Zhin" Tee for his great midair-frag at center/mh in the closing seconds. - by Clan MalFunction



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


I don't remember who got what in the beginning because I myself secured ra/mh with ssg but when I went to pick up 2nd low-rl, all my teammates were there with shotguns, yeah :D We soon took over the quadside of the map and were leading by like 100 frags when the unexpected happened: hlt starts to scratch his nose at the wrong time and osams sneaks past him to the teleporter and get up-rl and quad. The lead is shrinking faster than the kids in the movie "Honey, I shrunk the kids". With just three minutes left to play, they have taken the lead but as always, we can count on Zhin to turn things around. No need for me to praise his performance but osams' were clearly trembling when they sensed his presence. Puss o kram -os- - by Clan MalFunction


ttttttorttu - 212.149.236.*** 070304 @ 20:52:35
nyt kävi näin
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 070304 @ 21:01:53
oh-sams! better luck next game <3
Lakso - 85.228.224.*** 070304 @ 21:58:24
ggs \o/
Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070305 @ 03:50:26
nice one by osams! salmon is becoming unstoppable \o/
stefan - 195.84.194.*** 070305 @ 07:11:54
<3 <3 <3
rAge - 195.148.36.*** 070305 @ 09:28:49
seems like a GG! KT is hot hot HOT!
eject - 62.236.76.*** 070305 @ 10:55:56
hlt jee jee
ok98 - 81.231.238.*** 070305 @ 21:25:02
Nice matchreport :)
gaz - 195.72.183.*** 070306 @ 12:02:50
oooooh fin jobbat grabar. sakniz
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