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Battle Info  2007-03-18 Gold Cup group B - Week 2 (6)

Clan MalFunction 2 - 1 Dota-Allstar-Guys

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


We had postponed this game twice and everyone was thinking that we are afraid of DAG. That was, of course, 100% true. It all changed when we decided to promote reppie from our farm squad, fs (pun intended). The first round was just as chaotic as first maps usually are when people are nervous. The control over ra switched many times, but after the last pent we locked down both armors and overtook their small lead. There were some juicy telefrags, I'm not sure which team benefited the most from them. - by Clan MalFunction



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


This is the result when you wake up a bear that is sleeping in the winter. They were angry, hungry and determined to win, which they did without sweating much. - by Clan MalFunction



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


This one had all the ingredients for a classic. They controlled the first part of the game but eventually we broke through and levelled the scores. While we are spawnfragging two of their guys, the other two execute a well timed attack and get quad. It was really frustrating to notice our control slide away and them fragging fast. While I'm slowspawning I receive a sms from siv. He is watching the game through some qizmo and is very upset and says that he only has 3 months to live if we lose. No one knows if he was serious but we didn't want to risk it. This one is for you martian. - by Clan MalFunction


Åke Vader - 90.227.94.*** 070318 @ 22:34:43
Demos @ ESReality
Comment edited by fix @ 03-18-07, 14:25:43
Ari - 81.197.179.*** 070319 @ 06:44:51
LOL@DM2-report :D

Razor had both finns benched for good now? :>
Alt - 80.240.215.*** 070319 @ 09:05:51
too much of south park I guess
razor - 81.231.125.*** 070319 @ 15:11:46
me?? it was inter!
diki was hangover like usual and didnt want to play :) could have used his dm2 skills this time!
and rock had unstabile ping
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