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Battle Info  2007-03-11 Silver Cup group A - Week 3 (5)

Core 0 - 2 jokkmokk

E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned





DM3 - The Abandoned Base


overtime sounds nice. any demos? - by NQR Admin


Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070312 @ 00:15:19
omg, what a final! so tight and such performances by players like edvin and ted \o/ persu2scared2playvsjmk? :(
Zaq - 213.100.51.*** 070312 @ 00:45:14
indeed very tight, unfortunately for core they forgot pent when overtime started, i found a random pack at ya, ted got pent, i bore to him he kills quad and we lock the map down within 30-40 secs. thats qw, a little luck and a evil dog that remembers powerups (tnx paradoks for teaching him);)

ggs core.
persu - 85.227.143.*** 070312 @ 07:48:02
oväntad kommentar Hagge.. åhhhh....
Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070312 @ 15:37:33
hihi :d <3 persu
faustov - 83.5.145.*** 070312 @ 17:23:04
what can i say... no persu no win? :P
edvin - 81.235.153.*** 070312 @ 17:25:38
sorry zaq for leaving the server without saying GG :< because it really was a good game... just so bad luck being telefragged by spawning teamates all the time :<

puss hagge <3
Zaq - 213.100.51.*** 070312 @ 18:33:18
There was a lot of luck in this game. Even though jokkmokk had sr-spawns and so forth in dm3, core had equal amount of luck in e1m2, but thats qw.
(since ted now is sr we get sr spawns thanks to him <3)
persu - 85.227.143.*** 070313 @ 05:12:51
Faustov <3
Well i tried to schedule that game for 19CET because i was going to work 21CET working nite..
But jmk couldnt play because ted wasnt home until 21.. unfortinatly ted was home earlier in the day but jmk waited until 21 anyway so.. Gr8 Games.. And thx for leting me play JMK..
Zaq - 213.100.51.*** 070313 @ 09:30:05
it wasnt just ted, i got home at 20.30 aswell...
LILLD - 81.235.204.*** 070313 @ 15:34:05
and u had game vs cmt @ 19.30 ?
mogge - 90.227.74.*** 070313 @ 15:49:39
whinever persuader will get his chanse to show off his div1superskills in finals or smt like that. Or as the coreteam would say: We have no fear when persuader is here.
elguapo - 81.170.235.*** 070313 @ 16:16:30
Actually I cant find any reasons to whine after this game, just at bad luck ;) In the bad-luck-manner dm3 was one of the greatest jokes in my qw-career, I telefraged (on spawn ofc) 4 teamies in different important situations who were fullpacked, thats just sick. (Hey, dont walk on spawns? ;P)

Besides that it was very GG, 2 bad persu couldnt show up, but anyways, who knows if we had won with him or not? Not me at least :)

It was one of those days where the crucial happenings of the game went JMK's way. They did a great teamwork and deserved the win after all. Always fun with even games. Now I sound quite gay, but I just wanna take a jump off the furious train of whine :E
Smala - 194.236.219.*** 070313 @ 18:55:04
it would have been a 400-0 fragdiff victory for us if we had played with lilld aka lilldag, out secret playoff weapon!
Smala - 194.236.219.*** 070313 @ 18:55:29
out = our ;>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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