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Battle Info  2007-02-21 Silver Cup group A - Week 1 (3)

Core 2 - 1 Hell Gloom Crew

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


time to write how this match went according to our point of view :) its fair to say that as much core whined about taking wo from e1m2 etc, they NEVER whined about pings and we played the game in fair conditions -> for that big GG, now we held dm3 quite tightly but as they said we didnt get much frags due mainly to some sucky quadrunning from me probably and some mega defensive play from caban :P at one point with like 7 mins left i didnt go for quad and they killed all of our rls with one quad which sux, so it was nothing left for us then to go sauna and wait till the end of the game, to be honest i dont know how they didnt win cuz we had like maybe 50 frags lead with 5mins left and they had all weapons+pent+quad but its not my problem :P gg - by Hell Gloom Crew



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


now this was strange, actually we should have done better, cuz they could never kill most of our rls but neither could we, i guess there was 1 moment when they gained most frags and the lead just stayed, cuz the game was even for a lot of time with many mistakes from both teams, gg - by Hell Gloom Crew



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


heh, we had to replay this game cuz our connections outside poland fucked up the first time but as u can check on demo they did lead when we timed out but we had 3 rls and ya so it could have went both sides :) now when we actually played this game persuader was 2hard2kill most of the time and his quadruns were really classy, even when we did manage to put up a fight at gl/ya we forgot to flood when there were double-kills or bores etc, so they took most packs from fights and had better tp there :/ the truth is that they made most of the lead early on in the game, (like 100frags lead around 10mins) and later it was just killing each other with some better aim from us i guess coz the lead got smaller to around 80, still im quite dissapointed to lose this game, and i hope core wins the group and we can rematch in the final of playoffs:P report by billy - by Hell Gloom Crew


mushi - 84.91.41.*** 070222 @ 02:14:55
billy :|
Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070222 @ 08:23:29
omg, kat is back \o/ just too bad edvin was 2hot2beat in this game :(
Eta-bETa - 90.227.84.*** 070222 @ 09:26:13
Alienquake? :\ gg!
bps - 213.115.89.*** 070222 @ 10:17:36
alltid edvin
-kat- - 83.23.166.*** 070222 @ 11:44:28
yep yep im back
prepare ur self for some wracking !!
Elguapo - 81.170.235.*** 070222 @ 14:26:19
okey folks, some report from this pretty strange game.

dm3 - hgc got the start and took positions inside the room of red armor while we were trying to get weapons at all. they kept this grip for quite a long time but didnt manage to get very much frags from it. with like 7 or 8 mins left we turned the pancake and begun the hunt for hiding polskis. we did a terrible job though and never came closer than 10 frags. good job hgc!

dm2 - well well, dm3 was of course our map and dm2 was hgc's, but that didnt stop us from winning each others maps. Pretty comfortable win for us on this map. But the drama had only begun..

e1m2 - after 8 or 9 minutes (?) the whole hgc team is timing out at the same time. when they where back from lag they discovered how their ping had been raised from ~50 to ~90. At this time we were in the lead and had like 3 or 4 rls. anyway, after some discussion we breaked the game and replayed it a couple of days after. this time with superstar persuader who took a walk in the park of frags, GGs.
billy - 149.156.208.*** 070222 @ 15:22:00
ye gg, too bad kat could play on dm2 :P
pr0nsuader - 213.112.96.*** 070222 @ 20:02:51
omfg like persuader pwns them all? nerf pls
record - 87.206.242.*** 070223 @ 11:18:24
crazy performance by persu @ e1m2 :>
wp & gl in upcoming games!

ps. fcuk chello:<
edvin - 81.235.153.*** 070223 @ 17:51:48
Yeah the hunt was really bad :> just fired a "slšngraket" with quad in the lifts and got like 3 people then after that i couldn't find anymore to kill. :) Anyways ggs!
kilofix - 83.27.227.*** 070225 @ 19:23:01
Ale smut :( Kor smierdzi :|
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