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Battle Info  2007-03-04 Silver Cup group A - Week 3 (4)

Apocalypse 2000 1 - 2 Hell Gloom Crew

E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


time to wrap up tonights game with a nice report so here goes: A2K got a div0 ultra leet skillzor start and after about half of the game we were like 100 frags behind :E we never could kill enough of their rl's and they even kept mega safe for a long time so it was spawnrape, really :E then kat went crazy and eventually we made some frags but never enough to get them, good teamplay by a2k here :) - by Hell Gloom Crew



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


now our map, dm2, i thought this was going to be easier but A2K didnt want to give up so easily. we had the start and made some frags in tele/water but they always had an rl or two so quadrunning to low wasnt easy and we could lock the whole damn map, later their attacks became more powerful and skillful so they took control at about half of the game and there were moments when we didnt have a single rl, fortunately they didnt notice :P our lead was getting smaller and smaller and we couldnt form any good attack for quad so i thought we were gonna lose this. we were losing rls and frags quickly thanks to like a zillion mistakes, bores, and teamkills :) in the end me and kat did manage to get quad/rl so we reestablished our lead and won this tight game, ggs - by Hell Gloom Crew



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


ah dm3 decider, the classic :) this was kinda similar to dm2. they got rl and lg we got powerups i think, kat with quad and ring killed their rl and lg and got both weapons and then he started owning ra/ring/quad so we spokz and record could go sauna, i got a rl from somewhere and cleared ya so it was our 2 making the frags, unfortunately spokz and record could never get any weapons cuz of a2k superior flood :E so we didnt make much of an advantage if u take into account that we had the armors locked for almost 15 minutes :E before the last pent they killed kat and me and we only got record left with rl, but then with like 6mins remaining our kurwaqizmo crashes so kat and record time out (record with ya and rl), kat comes back immediately but record cant connect so we're left with 3 ppl no weapons and no armor, kinda hard to deal with 4 enemy rls with that :( a2k lock the map but they probably did an even worse job at hunting us than core :D record comes back with like 1,5mins left and a2k almost get us :o almost makes the difference and the win is sponsored by -kat- :D ggs , report by billy - by Hell Gloom Crew


-kat- - 83.23.135.*** 070304 @ 22:17:22
ggs a2k
-record- - 87.206.242.*** 070304 @ 23:03:45
fcuk aster qizmo and fcuk chello :<

ggs a2k
-spokz- - 81.168.155.*** 070304 @ 23:25:55
a2k - most unfair clan ever, ggs
mogge - 81.224.197.*** 070305 @ 00:29:53
terrible screens
molgrum - 83.233.147.*** 070305 @ 08:11:34
Nicely played.
fst - 83.5.140.*** 070305 @ 13:36:28
recowski - 213.238.95.*** 070306 @ 03:58:34
tak trzymac hgc :D jebane qizmo :/
adde - 213.112.238.*** 070306 @ 07:47:34
The funny part of billy's report is that he says that we would have won ...
He states they have no weapon, no armor, we have 4 rls quad. So for 4.5 min we spawnfrag them and chase them down.. but THEY ARE ONLY 3.. is that a part of the kurwatac? if record would have been in the game for those 4.5 min we would have won
personally I hope that the qizmo really dropped ... and I hope that record is a noble man that tried everything that he could... seeing that if he would have come back then the chance of his clan loosing was about 75%
billy - 193.25.3.*** 070306 @ 09:16:30
that might be true, but i also said that record timed out with ya/rl so who knows...
-record- - 87.206.242.*** 070306 @ 10:13:59
yes im a noble man adde :>
aster qizmo crushed first time in my life when i was playing (few ppl can confirm it if u dont believe :<)
didnt do that special (especially i was having ya/rl as bil wrote in report). in the final i managed to connect directly with ~260 ms and just spawn...
im not [tvs]blaze and i do care about sportsmanship :>
-kat- - 83.23.142.*** 070306 @ 14:03:51
i connected through kubus qizmo... and had a strange feeling...when i used strafe my screen wasnt smooth but shake..... dunno what it was but was unplayable so i spawn...
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 070307 @ 20:43:41
heh, a2k got owned by a bad qizmo
bad luck but those things happen
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