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Battle Info  2007-02-09 Silver Cup group B - Week 5 (1)

Fraggers United 2 - 0 Morituri

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




nih - 84.12.172.*** 070210 @ 00:13:10
whine comment #1, pld nqr admins
Hooraytio - 81.226.200.*** 070210 @ 00:14:25
faustov - 83.5.143.*** 070210 @ 00:40:39
OMG fu is misplaced please remove them!
diehuman - 81.193.165.*** 070210 @ 00:58:59
maybe its mor thats bronze level ? ... or maybe there arent so many levels as necessary ?
renzo - 88.112.145.*** 070210 @ 01:02:40
Yeah FU for the div1 err I mean gold cup ULUL LU ULU LU

kippoUL tur
Ari - 81.197.179.*** 070210 @ 01:06:54
First of all, sorry for the sucky screenies :(

DM3 - Morituris Choice

We played this map very securely because we knew that our scotlandish friends were good on this one. And good they were, they stole quite a bunch of quads (even though our solid quadflooders killed 'em almost instantly) and they gave us trouble at pents also. We got also very nice RA-defense by Tenhi so MOR wasn't able to ambush us from behind. Nice round but the routine we have got by praccing almost every night gave us keys to the victory.

DM2 - Fraggers United's choice

Start of the round was a bit confused one, neither of us didn't know what to do but after first quarter we got hold of tele and after that our Director-of-dm2-tp(Oho) and Senior Executive in Attacking(Bamsen) accompanied by our LG-executive(Fucu) and Director of marketing HV(Ari) got pretty grip on the _tele_(don't let 'em slip) and the _quad_(necessary powerup in dm2 :E) and we even got the both _low-rl's_ (take these and you'll win) every minute for a while. After 15 minutes Morituri felt bit discouraged and the following three minutes were quite like chewing the bread, but as in many dm2 4on4 rounds, they broke our tele due to our mistake in last 2mins and got control over the tele-ng-quad-highrl-section and MOR got the last quad :E well, i got the last quad but it spawned like 5 seconds before the end of the round :E

Disregarding the result, Morituri was a very gentleman-like and nice clan to play with, and good luck for them in their next games in B-Group<3

Anzas opinion: haista ari paska

mx - 213.94.255.*** 070210 @ 04:49:31
Anza - 84.250.0.*** 070210 @ 10:18:12
Ari was drunk so don't believe him
mogge - 81.236.212.*** 070210 @ 10:41:31
Go hard or go home - GG -FU-
Hagge - 85.24.185.*** 070210 @ 13:41:10
reco - 213.238.95.*** 070211 @ 03:24:07
hahahah ari :E btw... nice rape :(
jaco - 81.179.125.*** 070211 @ 23:57:44
scotlandish \o/
nice phrase :D
Ari - 81.197.179.*** 070212 @ 04:36:34
eeeee, was quite drunk while writing that jaco :D i guess the proper phrase would be "scottish" :P
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