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Battle Info  2007-02-12 Silver Cup group B - Week 8 (2)

Fraggers United 1 - 2 JUGS

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


fullstart by FU, and they really played well, we had no chance to get rl. GG. - by JUGS



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


we had rl+lg, they took pent+ring+quad. first rl dead because the one and only Zero(me) gave it to Bamsen. the match was well-balanced before we stolen the third P at 10. after that we controlled the map for 3-4 mins and took the lead(120-80). Question of the year: HOW DID THEY COME BACK? ban Bamsen from NQR pls. He's so HOT:/ anyway, we lost the map and gave them a chance to destroy JUX. but some lucky moves and CS, let us to won the game. GG. - by JUGS



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


first of all, its our worst map. we played 2-3 pracs on kenya with this lineup. Luckily FU had the same problem(like on dm3), they dont have a really nice quadrunner who can takeover the map or clear the mega on kenya(mega on kenya haha, sounds good). thats why we won this map too. GGs FU and GL! - by JUGS


xar - 83.216.60.*** 070213 @ 13:01:18
Ari - 81.197.179.*** 070213 @ 13:37:27
Well, this sure was an odd game :) JUGS score in frags is -251 and they still won the game :)

DM2 was very solid from us and we didnt blow up our fullinen :> I think they broke our last line of defence (me :E) around 18 and half mins when the round had been over for a looong time :E

DM3 was the odd one. We had complete lock on the map from 12mins to 20mins and when there was 8mins left of the round we were behind them only 40 frags :E And when there was only 1mins left we checked the frag difference again and were quite like this OMGWTFLOL when we realized that we were still behind them by 20 frags and that we were going to lose it. Very nice playing by JUGS not giving us any loose frags and very poor fraghunting from our crew. Just wondered after the round that perhaps one of us should have gone into cl_anzamode 1 and do some scuba diving @ water to get those remaining frags :D

E1M2: Don't have much to say about this, we had the same problem again. We got the YA-GL-QUAD area covered in 14:30 or so and their lead wasn't so superior but then again, JUGS are mad defenders and got MEGA so well locked that we weren't able to get those remaining frags, again :E


Very nice game in general and imo JUGS are definetely playoffs material due to their outstanding defence skills. This was also very educating game for us. Our hungarian friends showed to us that being solid on one map can still lead to loss and that 40 frags can be a big difference in DM3 :>

djevulsk - 85.24.189.*** 070213 @ 21:31:11
hah, nice game. really shows what a rape on dm2 means - nothing. ggs
joulukuu - 88.112.85.*** 070213 @ 22:09:46
deemketto :(
RAMorYan (ObeRon) - 89.132.115.*** 070214 @ 11:46:15
GG buzivitézek!
DM2 zero-n múlt, látom :S :(
OrioN - 212.40.117.*** 070305 @ 21:37:02
joulukuu: déemkettő!
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