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Battle Info  2007-02-13 Bronze Cup group A - Week 2 (2)

Respawn Addicts 0 - 2 DOT

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


one man show? - by NQR Admin



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


:E - by NQR Admin


sm - 213.33.185.*** 070214 @ 13:22:47
really 1st 10mins at dm3 - a strong played from read )
but div3 arcade arma with good support from team manage this game

ggs, read! gl in next games
Hooraytio - 81.226.200.*** 070214 @ 14:30:29
nice dot, but do you guys really need armadon in bronze cup?
try a few games with him on the bench, im sue you can win those games too
orion - 85.124.169.*** 070214 @ 16:31:24
ggs, but with the keyplayer by dot, we dont have any chance..

next time we should play with slash..
kiu - 81.217.11.*** 070214 @ 16:39:50
gg anyway :) was nice to spec
VVD - 85.21.75.*** 070214 @ 17:15:28
They win us (-1) yesterday with armadon ~200:100 at dm2 and ~160:130 at dm3.
But we in silver. :-\
Defcon 5 - 85.124.4.*** 070215 @ 19:17:13
Hm! GGS though, but if you read my comment @ eql against DOT: it wasnt the same game anymore. Nor it was intense neither exciting. But if you need to win, then play with him ;)
darkstorm - 81.13.10.*** 070306 @ 01:50:36
Guys, armadom is not stable and so his move to our div. See the CCS div4(3?) stars Seraph & Akken. I think this is good benefit on "how won the div?". We invite arma to our clan for move up from down div table, for sometimes win and for get his expirience in tp games. Just as we may lose some key players (like me and Shad) for connection problems and/or temporary idling (like Nomad, Dzha, Bishop).

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