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Battle Info  2007-03-06 Bronze Cup group A - Week 3 (5)

Drastic Collision 1 - 2 DOT

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


1man army - by NQR Admin



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned





DM3 - The Abandoned Base


dc's 4th guy dropped before the screenshot was taken? - by NQR Admin


Alt - 80.240.215.*** 070307 @ 13:47:08
JohnNy_cz - 195.113.25.*** 070307 @ 14:49:04
Our match was sheduled to 21:00 CET and it ended 23:02 CET because of DOT delaying (what about adding 2 hours rule like EQL has?). So I've decided not to give them any other second and dropped right on the end of the match. However both ezQuake and FuhQuake need 2 or 3 frames and in that time I wasn't there.

Correct screenshot is here:
I had 24 frags, DC had 90 frags. Please correct it, thank you.
JohnNy_cz - 195.113.25.*** 070307 @ 14:57:55
*need 2 or 3 frames before it takes the auto-screenshot.

As for armadon .. I wish not only admins but also players finaly understood how incredibly stupid is to face clans with "wrong div player" who can crush your positions any time he wants. This is not a fucking money involved competition, we play for fun.
darkstorm - 81.13.10.*** 070307 @ 18:11:22
Johnny, why some teams in our div say "wrong div player" about Arma, but close your eyes for CSS Seraph&Akken?
They absolutely wrong div players, but nobody don't say about this.

Next time when we want admit a player we need your approval?

Sorry for screens :(
darkstorm - 81.13.10.*** 070307 @ 18:59:39
Some team havent star player in line up (i say about glt(bo), Åke Vader (EEL), Slash (READ)). Why we can't?
JohnNy_cz - 195.113.25.*** 070307 @ 20:25:24
darkstorm: I agree with you! It's becoming a standard in lower divisions, it's happening at least for 3 seasons in EQL and in 2nd season in NQR as far as I've been interested.
So don't be surprised I don't know about all the cases, I'm not obsessed about your clan, I'm talking in general.
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