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Battle Info  2007-03-11 Bronze Cup group B - Week 3 (5)

Allans Vittnen 2 - 0 quake o holics

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


The first game was played on DM2, which was their choice. Now, we usually leave DM2 with teary eyes and ripped-open bottoms, but this time, Allan let a miracle happen. Now, for once, we were the ones at the comfortable end of the pole. Something of a maplock was established after a neat quadrun by Picke in the fourth minute and maintained (with a glitch in the ninth and tenth minutes, when they grabbed a couple of quads) until the thirteenth minute, when Lurq started grabbing those quads all the more frequently. They eventually seized control over telly (whether by their own courageous fighting or by our negligence) and held it for a while in the last quarter of the game. Lurq tidied up the scores neatly in QH's favour in the last few minutes. A good game it was! - by Allans Vittnen



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


After the remarkably comfortable victory on DM2, we discussed whether we should pick that map ourselves, but we eventually decided on good old E1M2. This turned out to be a substantially bigger challenge. The first half of the game was as chaotic as one would expect from playing an equally skilled team on E1M2 - and I don't think that was what we expected after having managed to win a decisive victory on what is normally our worst map. It wasn't until somewhere in the middle of the E1M2 game that we could muster something that resembled a lead. In turn, that lead didn't grow comfortable until the last quarter of the game, when Picke pulled off a decisive suite of quadruns. Good game, QH, and good luck in your remaining NQR games! - by Allans Vittnen


PICKE 89 - 213.67.254.*** 070312 @ 01:35:58
I really enjoyed this evening. This night we really played well I think. All went smooth and the TP was great !!

kryddturken - 83.241.148.*** 070312 @ 10:07:17
Heaton - 83.241.148.*** 070312 @ 10:11:18
awesome dudes, GG
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