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Battle Info  2007-03-07 Bronze Cup group B - Week 1 (5)

Clan Tayto 0 - 2 PsychoHallons Crew

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




[DC]-pooll - 89.78.66.*** 070308 @ 10:50:39
lbn to juz chyba kurwa przesada :D rekord fragow na dm2?!?!?:D

johnie - 194.125.35.*** 070308 @ 10:56:04
well played psycho, best of luck in the rest of your games.
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 070308 @ 11:26:21
sorry but 152 frags isnt record on dm2
a friend of mine scored 178 on lan and vana has scored 199 for euthanasia just as a few examples

nevertheless, 152 frags is kinda nice lbn :)
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 070308 @ 11:27:16
sorry, 153... ;)
fst - 83.5.169.*** 070308 @ 12:06:01
mysle, ze miala tu miejsce lekka dewastacja? :E
persu - 85.227.143.*** 070308 @ 12:39:27
PHC must be in the right division!!
-spokz- - 81.168.155.*** 070308 @ 16:04:51
always the div whine! :]
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 070308 @ 16:35:24
I doubt that phc would do any better than clans like cmt and csn do in silver. in a way it is good to meet better clans like the bronze clans will do now by metting phc but in another way it might take away some of the spirit to get raped like this. then again its only one game and you could prac vs equally skilled clans instead.

a good team in the wrong div isnt that bad since the other clans get to play a single rape game and maybe 6-9 more equal and "fun" games. it is worse when a lesser good clan is misplaced and get to play maybe one equal game and 6-9 rape games, that really takes the fun and spirit away...

anyway i think the nqr crew did a good job even tho having only 3 "divisions" with 2 groups in each makes the job way harder for them and make some clans have to play vs way too hard opponents.

maybe try Gold, Silver, Bronze and Iron in nqr11 and make 1 or 2 groups in each depending on the number of clans?
antic - 130.240.193.*** 070308 @ 19:22:04
Having gold, silver, bronze is ok. You get to meet a few clans you would never meet otherwise. But the inbalance between Bronze A and Bronze B is very hard to explain. It's almost like two different divisions. Sucks to be ~div6 in B with all the div4s. Bronze A is more div5-6.
johnie - 213.202.190.*** 070309 @ 10:31:34
for tayto its all about practice, and I enjoyed playing against PHC even with the ownage on dm2, i felt we gave them a good game on dm3... I agree with antic that maybe there is a slight misbalance between bronzeA and B, and a iron group for nqr11 maybe a good idea.
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