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Battle Info  2007-03-06 Bronze Cup group B - Week 4 (5)

PsychoHallons Crew 2 - 1 EnemyQuad

E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


Uh.. strange game for us thats for sure. EQ started very well and fraggin party begins. Thought that we cant do anything to win this map and after couple mins I was sure that we gonna lose this one. We played really badly because of our general movement / timing etc missunderstanding and that was our first 4.4 game since last nqr vs In a Blaze so im calling this map as "warmup". Unfortunately our best player Bar couldnt play this nite and maybe hed be able to change score coz in the end we manage to takeover and lock map but EQ started "slow spawn mode". I think that 2-3 more mins would give us wictory. GG - by PsychoHallons Crew

Up against PHCrew with the mighty LBN. We figured they will play DM2, DM3 we can do okay but our best bet is E1M2. Castle of Rocketz. We started off really good and were in a commanding lead when they got a break near the last quarter. We already proved our winning tactics against Tayto and with 3:30 left on the clock we were asking ourselves, can we slowplay it? Sure enough our brave soldiers hid wherever they could and we got a map away from PHCrew. - by EnemyQuad



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Our choice and ofc fullstart by Eq :< but this time we played much better gg - by PsychoHallons Crew

Their map. We came off to a good start and were in the lead for the first 5 minutes but they passed us and at 10 minutes had a small lead but we were still in the game. It would only get worse however and at times they had one RL at RA/mega, secret, tele and quad. Last half was all PHCrew and we were now tied 1-1 in games. - by EnemyQuad



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


decider where pentas decided. GGs and gl in next matches. - by PsychoHallons Crew

Again we take the lead the first 5 of a game with first RL and pent but a few individual mistakes (quadbore with ra) leads to them securing second pent and killing our quad. We get quad before pent but waits 30 secs for RL and isn't on time to pent. Notable TP sequence was when rokz gets a pack for antic, antic and igggy then lays a trap for enemy quad at YA and we can get the next quad. However when walking through RA a sneaky RLG guy shafts our quad to pieces. That was right before last pent, it could have tipped the scales our way but alas, victory was for PHCrew. Well played psyc and GL. - by EnemyQuad


rep - 156.17.25.*** 070307 @ 16:15:20
bang ! bang ! gg :)
lbn - 83.4.193.*** 070308 @ 01:07:35
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