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Battle Info  2007-02-11 Bronze Cup group B - Week 1 (1)

EnemyQuad 1 - 2 O CLA

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis





E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned




antic - 130.240.193.*** 070211 @ 23:30:44
This was our second game for the evening and it had to be played at a london server. Bad pings all-round and we adjusted poorly where O CLA seemed at home. My own performance was just abysmal so I don't even have any memory of details on dm3. Good TP from O CLA vs our slightly better ping. DM2 was not a pretty fight but we ended up on top, controlling tele for a while, but just as much FFA. E1M2 started in their favour and they had most of the RLs first half. Second half we started a comeback but when we had a few minutes left on the clock O CLA pitched the tent in RL-start and waited us out. Our team was stretched over the entire map furiosly looking for frags which gave them a few. Good tactical win for O CLA.
steek - 74.104.41.*** 070212 @ 01:33:01
It is nice to play close games where no team totally kills the other team, North American tournaments in the past have been too uneven thus killing the popularity. This bronze silver gold thing is the bomb. Look forward to all the matches we have to play. Thank for the games enemyquad!
vegeta - 69.115.169.*** 070212 @ 06:59:12
all that i have to say is.. GG's enemyquad.. and and thank my teammates for the great performance that they played.. :)
thx lit , eek, anm ,aln GG..
lets forward! :)
record - 87.206.251.*** 070212 @ 09:53:49
nice performance o cla! ping is nuttin, tp is everythin :>
i really miss [ag] in this nqr...
killy - 212.17.40.*** 070212 @ 11:04:23
Well played O CLA considering the massive ping disadvantage
pg - 70.142.201.*** 070218 @ 04:58:00
"slightly better ping"

60ms advantage is slight? :D

<3 NA
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