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Battle Info  2007-03-19 Bronze Cup group B - Week 2 (7)

EnemyQuad 2 - 0 BroilerFabriken

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


two fakers @ BF. lame. - by NQR Admin

This turned out to be a very close game indeed. I don't know why but we are usually better at keeping RA and it nearly cost us the game. That and they got a few pents. Really hard to get hold of an RL and keep it. We were actually losing it for a while but manged to regain top spot. It felt like we had no control and no weapons but somehow we could hide the last seconds without any kind of push from BF in the final stages of the game. - by EnemyQuad



E1M2 - The Castle of the Damned


Our map. This is castle of rocketz so we knew it would be easier than dm3. This time however, local stepped up to the plate battling rocketz for top spot. Aww, so close! We could have done a better job keeping YA when GL was safe but it turned out ok in the end. GGs BF and GL. We will see you in EQL5 soon! :) - by EnemyQuad


bjarne - 85.227.166.*** 070320 @ 02:18:19
"two fakers @ BF. lame. - by NQR Admin" which two?
bps - 83.140.153.*** 070320 @ 11:41:19
gg p3ppe!
EnginEEr - 193.226.212.*** 070320 @ 12:28:56
my guess: frenzy and ninja are in bf's eql5 team, but seems they played nqr aswell, without noticing it ;))
antic - 130.240.193.*** 070320 @ 12:47:19
Engineer: seems like you are correct. And I even asked once before match start that this was NQR and not EQL just to make absolutely sure what game they were playing. Silly mistake to make.
peppe - 82.212.77.*** 070320 @ 17:59:12
EH!? fakers no way, gay nqr admin imo
we just forgot that these guys were not added for nqr.. that's it so fuck off with the comments ye?
no fakers, just some confusion and every fucking clan in bronze b is on our backs to play a game.
ggs EQ you played well
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