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Battle Info  2007-03-04 Bronze Cup group B - Week 3 (4)

OldOnes 0 - 2 O CLA

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


writing "[6] lorde = [6] lithium" in the match report doesn't make fakenicking allowed. Warning. - by NQR Admin



DM3 - The Abandoned Base




JKova - 80.221.17.*** 070305 @ 00:17:39
It has been brough to the admin crew's attention, that several O CLA players didn't use proper security model in the game. If this is true, disciplineary actions will be taken.
Vertigo - 157.24.219.*** 070305 @ 00:31:36
I wonder if there's still lots of clans like O Clă, who clearly dominate the weaker european teams even with ridiculously high ping, but havent had the chance to show their skills to the main QW scene of the world yet?

Playing against O Clă was a weird experience. They had huge disadvantage with 100+ms ping, but their movement, teamplay and aim were still couple levels better than ours! I bet these dudes would do well in silver div and could get maps off from the gold teams aswell.

With lower pings... well, that would be an all-around carnage. O Clă is an extraordinary team.
Hooraytio - 89.160.23.*** 070305 @ 00:43:20
its "module"

and again some irony? :>
-record- - 87.206.242.*** 070305 @ 02:07:09
wow nicey nicey o cla :>
[6]doob - 200.171.246.*** 070305 @ 02:45:24
gg :)
STEEK - 206.24.48.*** 070305 @ 16:17:46
Thanks for the comments vert, I thought you would the first to raise a fuss with the security module not being initialized because you typed it twice mid game. I appreciate your sportsmanship, Our inactive players now know how to install ezquake properly (along with security module) so that shouldn't happen future, hopefully you can tell by the demos that we were not cheating.
Vertigo - 157.24.219.*** 070305 @ 17:54:00
I actually didnt mention a word about cheating. Security module is in NQR rules, which all clans agree to follow when they sign up for the tournament. I think everybody benefits if players actually follow the rules and also report all violations when spotted.
STEEK - 206.24.48.*** 070305 @ 21:31:43
I think we are lucky Eject didn't play he has some good moves!
pg - 75.5.82.*** 070308 @ 21:04:24
No one really cares about security module, etc in North America and being that's where they are from they probably didn't even think of it despite all our tourneys requiring in in the rules too.
quakebrain - 85.226.150.*** 070325 @ 21:03:42
i think na-clans need to be very careful with regards to proper client security considering the widespread rumours of abuse by na-players in the past.

that said, no amount of "discreet" cheating in the world could replace good teamplay and coordination. something na-clans have a good reputation of mastering.
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