Battle Info  2002-09-21 Division 1 - Week 2 (1)

In Bloom 0 - 2 Slackers

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Report by Slackers: DM3 was the first map to be played, and was Slackers homemap. We got a nice fullstart, and every nice thing that comes from that :) We quickly got the whole map under control, and locked all areas. This went pretty well untill ParadokS made the first big mistake. He was low on health at YA, and somehow decided to take megahealth at PENTA !?!?. Ofcourse 2 enemies with rl/shaft were waiting there :) Next big mistake was at 15min mark, where we were pretty confident in taking the penta. Gamer was so confident that he thought he could get rox from quad, but ack as he took them it said 15 minutes left. Same time vana was waiting at lift and got discharged by enemy lamer. They had extra guy with rl who took penta and killed goljat i think. Where was ParadokS when this happend ? He was waiting at YA writing /say_team WTF ?? how you can loose that pent, you all got armor and rl Grr. But else we pretty good grip on those swedes. GG - well played.



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Report by Slackers: E1M2 was In Blooms homemap. I can not really remember alot of details about this match. We had the map under control most of the game, and I got a neat 122th frag before the time ran out. I guess In Bloom need a little more routine on their homemap. All in all a good game. GG - Well played


cara - 2002-11-04 00:41:20
so interesting :(

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