Battle Info  2002-12-05 Division 1 - Week 4 (10)

In Bloom 0 - 2 redux

E3M6 - Chambers of Torment




DM3 - The Abandoned Base



tyrone - 2002-12-05 08:05:42
guess IB didn't like e3m6 (where is Hagge?)
ha - 2002-12-05 11:18:30
no1 likes e3m6 vs redux, they rock it
troma - 2002-12-05 13:56:41
Detta kommer sluta med att alla claner v?ljer n?n lam cs bana o specialliserar sig p?. Sen har vi en situation d?r alla matcher inneh?ller tv? givna ronder, och en avg?rande p? n?n riktig bana.. rikt. n? l?s skiten vid e1m2, dm3, dm2 och cmt banorna
Horatio - 2002-12-05 14:24:09
A skilled team should be able to win on all maps in quake. No map is a "cs-map". If u loose on a more "unknown" map, then all u have to do is practise and win it next time. Stop whining about "cs-maps" and "cs-play" cuz there are no such things in quakeworld. Learn all maps and play like real gentlemen instead. But u are right about the cmt maps, let them in for nqr4...
Nagash - 2002-12-05 15:09:25
just stick to dm2 :o
Tezz - 2002-12-05 15:51:57
It's refreshing to see someone with your point of view, Horatio. Btw it's lose ;)
Apollyon - 2002-12-05 16:21:57
I think it is refreshing to play some different maps from time to time. We had to play e3m6 once in NQR as well and got owned. But it was still fun even though we figured out how to play it in the last 5 mins (and now "knowing" it i own in ffa). It does not take much time to look at a map and learn it, especially when you know your enemy will choose it. e3m6 in particular is rather easy to learn.
Janozh - 2002-12-05 17:21:37
It would be gr8 if some map became more stanard.. I mean if ppl start to play it more it will become more interesting..
flinty - 2002-12-05 17:22:07
*cough* what about the cmt-maps? :[[ They were/are neat!
?ke Vader - 2002-12-05 17:32:49
I think that some new maps is a requirement to keep QW alive and interesting to new players. In leagues though i don't think that as many unknown maps as there are now in the mappool should be included at once, because that will require too much practice from the clans involved. Besides that we will get more low standard games on many maps, instead of madskills matches at known and often played maps, and that's not the way i want it, anyway. But why the fuck do i care, i'm not even in the league...
maps - 2002-12-05 19:45:50
Look at e2m7: JAMS vs CB - Look at e3m2: BWL vs CB, etc... How can anyone possible say that these "strange" maps suck? These 2 games R-O-C-K-E-D So, its NOT the maps that suck (as proven by those great games), its the players who think those maps suck...that suck :( BTW: What happend to the CMT maps, these maps was designed for 4on4, rite? And many clans, also top clans liked them and said these maps should be included? As far as I know, the CMT maps was the best 4on4 maps made? ...with the exception of the "big 3" of coz.
troma - 2002-12-05 20:33:18
sorry Maps i didnt know about those "monumental" games you mention. due to that irreproachable argument my standpoint is immediatly changed... ehh
Vertigo - 2002-12-06 12:14:45
It's a fact that the sucky part isn't the maps, but the players who simply dont know how to play those rare maps. QW players just are too lazy to learn anything new, it's much easier to whack every new map down than to spend some time while learning it and actually thinking how the map actually works. CMT maps are included in qw-cup and personally im really looking forward to play those good new maps and learn 'em.
Hagge - 2002-12-06 12:14:45
I agree with "maps" we often have e3m2 as our homemap and it?s sure fun to play it even if some teams give up just because we own them too hard :/... apparently bwl knew the map and we got ourself a close game and it was really fun to play and to watch the MVD afterwards :) e2m7 is also one of my favourite maps it?s just too bad I haven?t played it that much :/ too learn a new map aint hard at all... all u need is to play it like one time then u know it good enough.. even better is if u first watch a demo from the map and then jump around on it checking out where everything is.. it?s so fucking easy to learn new maps so stop ur fucking whining now... hope cmtmaps will be allowed in all leagues very soon cause ---> cmt maps ownz..
Hagge - 2002-12-06 12:15:10
fesk - 2002-12-06 15:06:04
TuoppI - 2002-12-06 22:37:54
I think vertigo is right. Qw-players are too lazy to learn new maps. Atleast I am. Of course you learn to play a "new" map better after few rounds, but I cant still know how to play dm2 after 2 years of qw. Maybe qw isnt the game where people are looking for something new.
killis - 2002-12-07 11:07:48
Yes plz. Some maps are not made for 4on4, they just don't fit in. Maps like wind tunnels and shit, wouldn't work out, there is some maps been played and more or like been "approved" by the qw-scene, which except for the 3 big are e3m2, e2m2, e1m6 and some more which i can't remember atm. If you would allow all ID maps, the whole concept would be ruined and it would be as Troma said (1-1 and decider after each). But the CMT maps look good, though i don't like the custom-made-map-thing. My advice is to try these maps out for some time, so they kinda will be "approved", then everyone would accept them to.
Eta-Beta - 2002-12-07 12:45:05
Too bad the norweigan link hasn't showed himself very active lately. He was about to make a CMT-tournament or something. Well, it's as hagge said. Just watch a demo and jump around on the map to learn it. Maybe play some 2on2 or dmm4 2on2 :]. When we played versus Damagers (I think) in NQR2 they chose e5m2. I had jumped around on that map in like 10 minutes and watched a demo. We won even if bro hadn't even seen the map before. Same with JAMS map e2m7 in NQR2. We hadn't even watched a demo. But here I guess we won because of them haven't played it very long themselves. (Second time we meat them ... they won :].) Since we aren't allowed to play in QWcup I would really like NQR to accept cmt-maps. Or any other league for div1 2 3 and not only div 2 3 :(. *sigh* QWcup give us a ticket :[[! and oh, Horatio rox too :E
Hagge - 2002-12-07 12:47:42
tyv?rr eta du ?r bannad fr?n qw-cup ;(
e5m2 - 2002-12-07 18:51:44
somone plz send me episode 5, I wanna play it :)
killis - 2002-12-08 04:53:13
I don't like the custom-map idea, qw-scene getting counterstriked with customshit, stick to ID software, if you want to play those custom maps, then "styr up" and start a custom-map tournament and see how popular it'll be. Peace

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