Battle Info  2002-11-17 Division 1 - Week 7 (8)

Slackers 1 - 2 Clan Malfunction

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


cMF started to lag after 10mins and they gave up, we were leading with 80frags then



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




fifi - 2002-11-17 00:56:45
I think a game this exciting deserves a report :/ dm3: As usual, we discussed long and hard about which server to use. We thought tiscali was unstable for us (as it turned out to be) but anyway we agreed to play one round there and two rounds at telenordia. They got the first rl to ra and managed to kill our first rl-carrier as well as getting the backpack. They couldn?t lock down the map completely but then it happened, our pings went up to 70-90 :((( It?s hard to do a decent comeback with those pings and two of us stopped playing after 7mins or so. e1m2: First rl-dude at ya was a slacker which resulted in a couple frags lead to them. We fought back and kept the scores close for the entire game but were never able to equalize, until the last minute :) We won this thriller with 6 frags. dm2: The start was quite even with them getting low rl and us getting upper rl and sg-quad. They were stronger in the beginning as in previous rounds and gathered some frags in the opening minutes. We got back in the game somewhere around ten-minute-mark and started closing in. When we got past them, we never looked back! gg slackers, walk in the park
riker - 2002-11-17 03:51:55
nice on dm2 fix, one day you might be as good as your master
Hagge - 2002-11-17 04:20:33
fix is already as good as me riker :/ gg cmf.. nice fought ;)
reppie - 2002-11-17 11:44:19
sassa - 2002-11-17 12:39:17
damn nice demos!!! fifi, u can do a better report than that!! that one sucked :)
jester - 2002-11-17 12:52:29
its ? kuud treport
monk - 2002-11-17 13:17:03
BARA EN PARA = dare?
fix - 2002-11-17 16:27:58
annis - 2002-11-17 16:42:03
omg riker, dont be so jealous nice gibbin tero!
mooniz - 2002-11-18 09:30:46
panda - 2002-11-18 15:49:07
CFM is best (dare rules)
mooniz - 2002-11-19 18:33:49
padna is best (sweden rules)
xhrl - 2002-12-08 23:08:30
fix is manly on dm2 .... no doubt about it. gg

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