Battle Info  2002-11-20 Division 2 - Week 8 (8)

Fraggers United 0 - 2 Campbusters

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


fu choosed dm2... an excellent choice cause this map really OWNZ!!!! mohahahaha!!! we got finnepinne lucky start (according to fu) though they got quad.. but we slaughtered that bastard and we just kept killing them A LOT until we felt sorry for the poor fins (especially anza) so we let the grab som frags.. ;)



E3M2 - The Vaults of Zin


pure happy playing... ran around with boomstick or quad and buckshot or just rl and made some happy fragging while teammates were csing the poor fins :/ btw.. where was the bear? bamse would?ve owned us so easy :/ well gg anyway ;) /report made by ---> HAGGE <--- :E


bro - 2002-11-11 22:26:18
KNaVE - 2002-11-20 23:56:20
WOW!! well done cambusters!!!!! demos???
Hagge - 2002-11-21 00:00:08
from what map knave? :) dm2 = not from my pov :D I?m sure eta can upload his dm2 though
sANDYMAn - 2002-11-21 00:19:34
Hagge du ?r bara f?r lol, vafan ?r det d?ra f?r n?gon match raport?
Hagge - 2002-11-21 02:10:49
sandy.. vet inte.... fr?ga mitt andra jag det var han som skrev det :) ?sch.. sova
Eta-Beta - 2002-11-21 10:51:44
I didn't have the courage nor the time to write my deluxe-super-duper-maniac-miffo-slaughter-sassabrassa-duperb reports :\ But if you want some, I can get some :F. Demo from my pov? eeeh?! I forgot my position and grabbed bronings quads :\ Then the whole map got lost :>. Or at least I think he had quad and I had wateR?!?! :FFF GG Campbustahs! and gg fu... sorry for not playing that prac-dm2 afterwards but I had to go do some homework and make my headache go away :\. /happy fraggin'\
Eta-Beta - 2002-11-21 10:53:19
and btw, you don't want my e3m2-demo.. 20 minutes of "et: OO YA SAFE OO RL:10"... b0000000ring...!!
sANDYMAn - 2002-11-21 11:44:18

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