Battle Info  2002-11-04 Division 2 - Week 6 (6)

Kalevala 2 - 1 Quake-o-Holics

E3M3 - The Tomb of Terror




DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




DM3 - The Abandoned Base



fuka - 2002-11-04 23:02:56
i got dm3 demo but i'm too shy to post it :X
Hagge - 2002-11-05 00:19:49
or u suck too much to post it :)
flinty - 2002-11-05 01:15:02
where's e3m6 qh? :(
Lornelin - 2002-11-05 04:58:44
We figured since we suck on dm2, if we choose it as homemap, we wont have to play it as decider... or something like that... Actually i don't know why we chose dm2. Dm3 was a bad joke though, first the guys try to talk kalevala into agreeing on e1m2, since we suck on dm3 and at least know our way around on e1m2, but i quickly realize they want to play dm3... so i do !randommap in #nqr, and guess what... dm3 Then right after that two kalevala guys join the channel and type !randommap themselves, this time the bot decides to do the right thing and spits out e1m2... being the old cheat i am, i just pretend nothing happened and hope they'll go for it... But then OF COURSE some idiot - i think it was legio... (u r banned from qhlan! =? j/k) - has to spoil everything and pastes the result i got. So... the match starts with k getting fullstart (everything except eyes i think) they dont manage to lock down the map though, and we take turns leading every 10 seconds or so, then halfway through the game, i start to lag seriously (100-300 ping and lots of pl) the lag lasts for several minutes, during which i of course die unnecessarily even more then usually. With about a minute left to go, kalevala are in the lead with about 10 frags, and starts hiding/cs-ing, we run around desperately trying to catch up and with about 20 seconds left we do, to make things more interesting, i immediately decide to attack sng with no weapon/armor, resulting in a one frag lead for kalevala again, i spawn under ra and head for water, while my superb teammates corrects my mistake, i get gl and hear a splash, an enemy dived into the water on the other side of the pillar, intent on robbing me of my newfound toy of destruction, i aim for him, but the stupid pillar is in the way, and i have to wait a split second before he gets in my line of fire, the grenade is away, heading straight for his ugly face, but with mere inches separating him from his bane, the bell rings, granting the lucky bastards an extra five minutes to cs away. Simultaneously with getting my adversary i notice ringo has followed my not so brilliant example and fired a split second too late... the same second they get their extra minutes we are in the lead with _two frags_... WHAT I WOULDN'T GIVE FOR SUDDEN DEATH... ARGH! (or a lagfree connection) Sadly i can't tell you what happened the next heartwrenching 300 seconds, or i will start crying, and we can't have that, can we? I just have one thing to say to kalevala: If you dare show your lucky asses at qhlan, you better prepare for a rendevouz with the fury of my wonderfully unlagged lanshaft, cause i'll demand an old-fashioned honest-to-god no-holds-barred NO-OVERTIME clanwar there and then! GG and thanks for letting me have my 15 minutes of whine =)
Lornelin - 2002-11-05 04:59:21
Lornelin - 2002-11-05 05:00:50
WTF am i doing up at 5AM??? I've been tired the whole day and now i missed my chance to sleep! Sometimes i hate myself!
fuka - 2002-11-05 10:02:29
lucky asses? what about dm2??
Firee - 2002-11-05 10:07:03
Shitty screens.. don't you know how to rezise the image without hurting the picture? Now you can't even say who was playing or what was the score.
fuka - 2002-11-05 10:14:27
firee ime letkua
fuka - 2002-11-05 10:20:18
jos haluut nii tiirailla sit? ni resizet? uudellee
Lornelin - 2002-11-05 12:43:06
firee: heh you're right, they couldn't tell the scores from the pictures, it should be 113-169 on dm2 and 146-139 on dm3
fuka: i was very tired when i wrote that, and not very serious, so don't take offence =)
Hagge - 2002-11-05 16:56:59
lorn ;)
fuka - 2002-11-06 07:57:13
well, i didn't look the score from those pics :P i took the scores from other player's original tga's and i'm not familiar with those and i was tired&hurry and watched the scoresboard fast
fuka - 2002-11-06 07:58:11
or whatever and hagge when hagge vs kippo dm2
Hagge - 2002-11-06 15:33:24
kippo = 2ez
xazqe - 2002-11-07 23:26:41
gg! very intense last 5 minutes.. phew :)

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