Battle Info  2002-09-25 Division 2 - Week 4 (1)

Hellfire2 1 - 2 Campbusters

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


I think we can call it a somehow fullstart from hf2. Especially after my nice squish on hagge in big, when he had gl and 200 health. Lucky me he didn't have that lower rl heh. Anyway, the first minute, heddan held the teleport up to high rl and the only rl-guy we had was bro the man. Hagge got another rocket launcher and somehow I just KNEW bro was going to get the next quad himself, without any problems :>. Said and done, bro showed up, glowing in blue and lighten up my way path while mowing down nmy rl?s hehe. GG so far brother (: . Very well, QUAD OVER and camp had 2 rl?s at tele, and bro roaming around, playing solo hihi. I myself was chased at high rl by some axe-maniac :(. Luckily I got away with my health slighty low (0 rox :). Bro got 2:nd quad also, and this time he got bored with life hehe. Luckily there was some packs lying around and from the boomstick fights we managed to take some of them ourselves. Well well well. Third quad. Hagge gets squished, bro gets quad and everything is back to normal :F, with bro raping some poor hf2?s while hagge is eager to get packs :) (score 28-22 still quite even). Weha! fourht quad goes to the quad runner (that would be me) and I'm sorry to say so but I got so horny on frags that I couldn't control myself in big :F. I died from some boomsticking parasites in big room, and promised myself to never again take any quads. Hmm, *drum solo* and the fifth quad gooooes to... ETA! But what was I supposed to do huh? 150y and 150h, bro kept rl for me (thanks bro). (score 60-23). Hmm, we got a few seconds of spawnfragging and the scores was up to ~75-~23. Next quad is legios but he couldn't hold on to it more than a few seconds, hehe (thanks bro ;). 13 min mark and by this time I make the lamest bore ever done (: luckily hf2?s dude in big didn't see my pack and I snatched it when he turned his back, trying to mow down some of my mates fighting back at high rl. 0 rox and off to lower!... blabalbla time goes on, yadayadayada yada and with 4 minutes left hf2 manage to get a hold on tele. Lets see what happens next... Hmm, bro and eta get rl?s at lower. Hagge gets squished at platforms (lol?) and again, everything is back to normal, hahaha. Anyway, I died at quad below and the spawning quad goes to the enemies. (score 227-59). Too bad they let me through the tele. I killed the quad guy, and gets telefragged by a teammate (: ...blabla... final score 253-76 after eta stealing the last quad from nepra :F. Speed was in the background as usual, giving us cute packs with toys and other cool stuff, like nails and rockets :). gg campahs and gg hf2.



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Hmmmm, quite interesting game but since 1, we lost this map, 2, I don't have any demo from my point of view, and 3, someone in hagges family gave him 400 ping and U_REMOVE the last 4-5 minutes I don't feel like writing any report on this one /:... I received a demo from heddan, but it didn't work :\. Well, a short one: We got a slightly control over the map, flooding ya and quad the first 10 minutes. the last 10 minutes it was quite even but we had this lead with ~20-30 frags. with 4 minutes left hagge was just standing still with over 400 ms :(... GG hf2 anyway. (( I sucked.)) He actually wanted me to add that. :F



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Well well, dm3, last map and the winner of this map will receive 2 points + the glory from winning the war :). Hmmm, pent goes to hf2 and quad eyes goes to me (Eta-Beta). I manage to survive with approximately 10 health. HF2 also got the rocket launcher but lay that one into bro?s bloody hands later on. Hmm, bro loses ra and I get third rl with pretty much ra left. Second quad goes to lipton in hf2 and I must say he was quite hunted down by me :). One of their rl-guys tried to jump to quad from ra-entrance but he was shot down and run away with his tail between his legs up to the red again *evil grin*. I got myself a nice yellow jacket and went off to hunt the poor dogs at ra down. Let's see how that turned out, don't remember... Hmm, they ran away to sng and I ran away to the water. Luckily bro the man comes to the rescue and clears the area from hostile mf:ers :F. He do not run in because it's time for the 18-mark quad. Bro shouts for help and I keep flooding GET QUAD GET QUAD. When bro says "attack quad" I thought he had lost it, but it was just another trick to make hagge and speed help him while I was looking at all kinds of fishes in the water (it's quite cool dowh there, pay a visit). After clearing my rl from fish food I went down the lifts and off to sng while bro cleared ra, again, from hostile hf2:ers. This time we managed to make it safe, with 2 rl:s. Third quad goes to god, after some stupid fights at quad, with hf2 stealing my rl with sng-quad and bores :). Like parasites hf2 came to the packs and I think they got some rl:s there :F. Hmmmm, fifth quad goes to hf2 and it's one minute to peeeeeeeeeenta! (wohow, my favourite!!). Blabla yada yada, lifts safe and pent to Eta, no enemies in sight :). They got their eyes though but I stole the quad. Too bad I didn't make any nice frags at all :\. Lallaa, the score was 35-27 to camp by now and we still had ra safe(!). Well, 14-minutes quad goes to Eta again and this time I've collected some cells. I give 2 mates rl:s and now the fun hopefully begins, I'll know soon enough :)....... hmmpf, next quad goes to hf2 and my oh my, he's got a shaft AND a rocket launcher? :). Guess he didn't make any noise (not for me, but for hagge maybe, I saw this "JA" from hagge while I was waiting for any rl-nmy to come by sng :). Anyway, a rl-nmy showed up but sadly I took the pack after raping him :(. (thanks speed, here, for noticing my constant flooding for health ;) . WHOA, that heddan-quad almost raped me at ra, but I was too prepared for him :). Quad over and the score is still quite even. Yeha! time for my favourite again! Penta!. I take the red and rl-jumps up to lifts. Guess who's getting this one?! *evil grin*. We also got quad (eta) and blabla, now I'm getting a bit tired so you'll just get a shortie: Eta the pentmeister is to frag horny to get the last pent and my mates was a bit unlucky. The penta went to the enemies. We get some quads they get some quads but we managed to keep ra safe more (I think?!) and in the end camp was too tired of playing ;). gg again hf2, well fought. *sigh* next time, I'll make this shorter :F.


spd_ - 2002-09-25 20:37:20
gg;s hf2
Horatio - 2002-09-25 20:40:54
Write shorter comments ffs =( orkzt nicht lesen
FlePser - 2002-09-25 22:07:54
OMG hagge , where is your first comment ? gg report :)
Eta-Beta - 2002-09-25 22:14:24
hehe "hagge sucked" even, at e1m2. he wanted me to add that.. not that I sucked, because I didn't (((((:
borch - 2002-09-25 23:00:41
nice reports, waiting for more
Hagge - 2002-09-25 23:10:12
sorry for the whining but exactly EVERYTHING went against me this day :\ but it wasn?t fun to not be able to play e1m2 with my 400 ping when we could?ve won it 4on4 and got one more point :\ SORRY HF2 =[
Apollyon - 2002-09-25 23:32:40
Best report in aaaaages! I WANT MORE!
heddan - 2002-09-26 02:39:42
why are all your enemy comments about me? ;)
ApoKaLypZe - 2002-09-26 11:39:28
Vafan haggz0r, har du inga hpw-skills eller? =B-)))
ApoKaLypZe - 2002-09-26 11:39:42
Vafan haggz0r, har du inga hpw-skills eller? =B-)))
Mystikal - 2002-09-26 13:36:51
When u fucking bitches let me play 8[[[[ hagge u suck.. im going to kick u in the nuts when im coming home :( R U HAPPY !?! i love u :)
kryten - 2002-09-26 16:56:46
mm your ping looks pretty nice to me hagge :) u were moaning with your steady 50ping the other day... i'd happily swap for that on eu servers.
Eta-Beta - 2002-09-26 23:36:50
Apollyon, hehe, they will show up every time we win ;) don't worry! *evil grin* (at least if I'm playing ;)
Eta-Beta - 2002-09-26 23:38:02
btw, thanks ;)
cara - 2002-10-01 23:21:11
lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!! lol nepra!!
Hagge - 2002-10-03 11:05:16
kryten, I had 500 ping all game until the last minute when I smashed my brothers computer!!!!

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