Battle Info  2002-10-14 Division 2 - Week 2 (3)

Campbusters 2 - 0 Quake-o-Holics

E3M6 - Chambers of Torment


heh.. my (hagge)?s first time on this map.. but it sure was a fun map and I hope I will play it more than this time :P the game was really tight and after 20 min it was 122-122... Both teams started to cs but we got some more frags than them and won!! omg we must be good :D



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


An even start but we quickly got a really good grip on the map... I think we were in the lead with 80 frags or something before they made a takeover.. they came closer and closer but after some cs slowspawning we won safely :P gg?s qh.. it was fun to play against you 8) better luck next time!


Hagge - 2002-10-14 23:42:34
at first I wrote a better report but something happend so I had to write another one which I wrote in 1 sec just like this message :( well.. gg?s qh!
SLB - 2002-10-15 09:00:59
Vertigo - 2002-10-15 10:13:06
Phil seems to be lagging heavily :( Poor boy, how in earth he even could play with that 35ms ping?!
Eta-Beta - 2002-10-15 10:55:09
Vertigo, think more before you make yourself a fool. Don't you think he would have named "phil" if he didn't lag? He is a respected qw player so don't try to humiliate him. Hope he'll rape your arse in SD5 ;) *smile*
Eta-Beta - 2002-10-15 10:55:59
before you make yourself sound like a fool even. :)
ajt - 2002-10-15 14:17:21
aj w?nder vaj ?ll the ppl had fajv p?cketl?ss!
Hagge - 2002-10-15 17:47:10
this game was played 2 days ago vertigo... and the lag was worse yesterday :/
Tnorx - 2002-10-15 20:02:44
I'd like to see the E3M6-game. No demo?! ;(
Hagge - 2002-10-17 15:40:38
heh... I can ask eta to send up.. phil deleted his I think :) but it was first time on the map :P

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