Battle Info  2002-10-28 Division 2 - Week 4 (5)

Campbusters 2 - 0 The Fighting Foes

E2M7 - The Underearth


LONG.... Report by Campbusters: The last day for the game between the Fighting foes was to end. Both tFf and campbusters gathered their teams. tFf with bass(?) in the lead and Campbusters with captain Phil as their squad leader today. So with the foes map first, e2m7 the future looked a bit unpredictable. Campbusters (we) had played the map a few times before. In nqr2 vs jams (twice) and also versus hf2 in a prac game (I suppose). Heh, our first map versus jams: . \o/ \o/ \o/ . Actually, we thought foes didn't know the map but that was obviously one of the false rumors that hagge (the 30-fps-whiner-kid believed in ;) (he wanted me to add that he had 30 fps during these games (vs foes). Believe it or not. But whatever, now the game, that was just background history. We didn't use any positions to hold and thought this would be a tough fight anyhow. Hagge got first quad, but that didn't last long. He was punchured by molle. I revenged hagge with my "piff" (foes word for shotgun ;) and molle was out of the way. Foes got the rocket launcher and phil got the shaft. Phil managed to keep his shaft and got the second quad, while their rl-dude was hanging out somewhere. Hmm, apparently he was camping rl, and foes was building up a small attack squad at rl. While foes now was building up a small lead, and tried to camp quad at the 18 min mark I got hold of a sng and managed to steal quad. Quad over and some foes down. I didn't really understand if foes knew the map or not. Anyway we weren't very busy at ra at any time. They were just camping rl and gl (!?). During this minute we managed to make a takeover at rl, and gathered our very own little squad, ready to take the next quad. Eta had a rl and hagge was taking the next. The quad goes to the enemies and suddenly we don't have any part of the map. Hmm, this doesn't mean the foes have any part of the map either. Ra goes to eta but he is soon killed by their freakin' quadrunner. Well, now some fast reporting. Foes doesn't keep ra as any position (duh, there are more places than rl foes?!) and we are able to jump around there as much as we enjoy. With 13 min left our whole team is gathered at rl, except for someone, getting killed by me :\. Foes are in the lead with 38 frags and the 13min quad is closing in. That quad goes to foes (hihi) but their quadrunner doesn't make any bigger takeovers. Instead we are awaiting rl:s. With no clue about the 14-min quad I jump down from the bridge out in the blue and bores into a glowing enemy :\. Lalala, 10-minmark and quad goes to the heavily packed EjtaBejta! (that would be me :\) and lets see what I can do (don't remember) (I'm watching the demo ;). Hmm, I thought this would be the take over, I was wrong. Right before I entered the rl-area quad was over. I had been fooling around collecting the frags to even out the score :\ ). Well, next quad goes to eta again (phil could have taken this one but since I and bro sit in the same room I felt that our tp could matter here, sorry phil :(.. ) We manage to take the rocket launcher position and pressed the foes back into gl with some tiny rl:s (mowahha). Next quad goes to our captain phil, and he was eager to do some serious fraggin', look out foes! A ripped dude here, and a ripped dude there, a ripped dude ripped dude everywhere! He didn't safe rl, but he got some frags allright. Next quad goes to me, and now I think the time has come. The time of packs, and glorious rl:s to everyone in campbusters. I managed to keep my health up because of phil raping some dudes with the previous quad, so now we were tagged and ready to take over. Foes must have felt our anger because when we came to the green-armor bridge someone fell down into the slime, screaming in pain. I continued into the rocket launcher room and offbreed was brutalized, giving a small rl-pack (tihi) which I unfortunately took because of instant flooding (and fighting, foes). Back to gl foes! Back to gl! and if you ever come back! We'll kill you!. Foes has now a 8 frag lead. Phil gets a quad and is, just as everyone, eager to get our team in the lead for once. Now, next quad goes to eta, and while phil was gibbing from behind, I came from the bridge to rl. Thanks phil, for sneaking in and let us hear foes say things like "sinnes" and so on :) That warmed our hearts :]. We sliced and diced the rl/gl campers and now the score was close to even. Omg, next quad, campbusters leads and quad goes to foes (rhyme warning again) :>. BlalBLALAblallBaLBLaLLAALBlala, gg campbusters. Even if we haven't been praccing this game I felt that we had some kind of teamplay :f... lala, gg foes. this aint half as good as the one versus hf2 (report :\ ) but HOpe you had fun reading it :D /Eta



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Report by Campbusters: Nah, don't have the guts, nor the time to write a report here :(.. sorry for not holding my position (hmm, when I looked at my demo I saw that I did hold my position, but the rest of my moves sucked.. I lost rl 1000 times and made some huge misstakes). I think I am the reason this game wasnt less close.. but, it wasn't because of my none holding position. It was my sucky newbie misstakes :((. gg anyway, hope you stay with us philly, it's great fun having you with us. a gg goes to foes :\


drejfus - 2002-10-28 17:36:27
l?l ejta bejta :)
sLASh - 2002-10-28 18:21:24
ha (gg) e
Hagge - 2002-10-29 03:10:40
lol @ eta... we?ll see if I will read all that :P
Eta-Beta - 2002-10-29 13:48:10
Demo is up soon :f
ok98 - 2002-11-07 20:50:36
lol. ni ?r ju dumma i huvvet
Hagge - 2002-11-21 00:23:36
lel ok98 :)))))9
Offbreed - 2002-12-23 13:58:54
hihi ja e lite sen, kort match rapport iaf.. :) o ps vi ?ger er n?r som
ok98 - 2002-12-24 18:04:51
3-0 sisst. de va som offbreed sa.

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