Battle Info  2002-10-20 Division 2 - Week 3 (4)

The Fragging Pumpkins 2 - 0 Dybbuk

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Report by The Fragging Pumpkins The game started with 30 minutes delay. It was close for the first ~5 minutes, but then we got a bigger lead. Mostly low-rl was under our control, but Dybbuk had some nice Quad-runs here and there. See demos for more..



E3M3 - The Tomb of Terror


Report by the Fragging Pumpkins: This round we played really stupid :> A few minutes remaining and we had ra-rl under control with 4 200/100 RL guys. Dybbuk controlled lower rl. We where in the lead with ~15 frags, but then one of us (won't say his name here 8)) attacked low-rl and got killed of course. The game was getting closer and in the end it was a draw (75-75). We set overtime to 5 minutes, but the game ended :> Then 20 minutes of llame talkin' startet. (Dybbuk wanted a cointoss, we wanted to replay). I'm quiting an admin ("we are not trowing coins here, we are playin' quakeworld") ;) So Dybbuk got bored and said that we've won the map... gg :)


Hagge - 2002-10-21 00:55:00
rofl at screens :) and rofl at dybbuk for giving up that e3m3 :P
Fox - 2002-10-21 01:51:10
well, we play for fun and we do not take this game 'that' serious. Our definition of fun is everything else, but not e3m3. A cointoss would have been something different.. at least more exciting then playing this map twice :-)
Tuna - 2002-10-21 11:46:44
agreed! I dunno how it was possible to allow this map but not Dm6 in the mappool.. And we want to mention that TFP wanted to restart and play the the 5 minutes overtime first.. that would be almost the same as a cointoss ;) and wow Hagge.. is he really trying to get first comments everywhere? :)
Hagge - 2002-10-21 15:55:46
Tuna, not really I?m just trying to be friendly :(((
fox - 2002-10-21 17:20:44
go dybbuk ! ;-) hopefully next time ur in division 3 with the other lolteams ;---)
Tuna - 2002-10-21 17:32:51
/me hugs Hugge - thx mate you made loosing for us so much easier, nice to have u here. fox, yes of ocurse.. the gave away e3m3 for tactical reasons too ;)
Tuna - 2002-10-21 17:34:10
Hagge even... and 'we gave away e3m3'.. im so confused..
Hagge - 2002-10-23 10:24:01
heh... well I?m glad you don?t like e3m3 because then you shouldn?t like counter strike cause it?s almost the same thing :)
Fox - 2002-10-24 21:14:20
hehe.. wise words from hagge. But its nothing else than the truth :-)
Tuna - 2002-10-25 11:42:15
we should post a demo of that exciting match..
spliffy - 2002-10-27 15:58:44
whos gona beleive the person that tosses the coin ? hes the only one who can see it ;p
FlePser - 2002-11-15 22:12:02
well you could do the following: guess a number under ten; and the first clan to guess it right would win the match :) and ofcourse the one who's giving the number should tell some other people too :)

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