Battle Info  2002-10-29 Division 2 - Week 5 (6)

The Fragging Pumpkins 0 - 2 Quake-o-Holics

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Report by the Fragging Pumpkins: Despite my team fucking up quadladder (NO, IT WONT WORK FROM THE THIRD STEP!) we got the better start and secured quad/tele for the first minutes. We were even in the lead but did not manage to get a really tight grip on quad/tele with pumped up QH guys attacking constantly. Especially Ringo, whom i specced most of the time, was a pain in the ass for my team and in my opinion it was him who won the map for QH in the end with his good performance.



E3M6 - Chambers of Torment


Report by the Fragging Pumpkins: Oh, the joys of e3m6! Seriously, i think of all the quake maps this is my favourite one when it comes down to looks. Too bad i havent played it in a very long time. While they still played the first round i took a look at it and that was the first time i saw it in about a year i guess. Seems it always runs in xs4all ffa just when i am _not_ there. Anyway, my teammates did not know the map very well either. Thus we were really helpless for about two thirds of the match. Then my teammates finally figured out the layout (it took me some more time) and made a few frags. But that was way too late of course. I think this is actually a very good map for teamplay. Would like to play it more often.


Apollyon - 2002-10-29 00:25:26
Hagge - 2002-10-29 03:19:53
ye e3m6 is a great map but the rl is quite weird placed or something like that :(

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