Battle Info  2002-10-28 Division 2 - Week 8 (5)

Bad Luck Troopers 2 - 1 The Dark Icemarines

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Report by Bad Luck Troopers: TDI played very good in this one so we didn't feel like playing to the end and gave the map to them at 16min.



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Report by Bad Luck Troopers: This map was played on a later date and we were well prepared, but again not full 20 min 'cause TDI started to have pl 40 at 14 min so again we breaked.



E1M2 - Castle of the Damned


Report by Bad Luck Troopers: Finally the decider and man this map was even. I can only say that watch Sandy's demo and see it how he managed to frag those last important frags.


Hagge - 2002-10-29 03:26:58
lol @ dm3 screen :) darkwarrior got e1m2 demo? :) really close =[
Firee - 2002-10-29 06:43:22
I will upload E1M2 demo later today from Sandy's pov, but first I want to thank TDI for their patience and for playing the match without that much complaining, and I wish TDI luck to their other matches.
kryten - 2002-10-29 10:22:43
TDI played very good in this one so we didn't feel like playing to the end and gave the map to them at 16min. <-- lame? of course not! lol... we like to see more sportsmanship thats this pls
DarkWarrior - 2002-10-29 14:32:26
Sorry i don't have demo.Wasn't that impressive anyway.
sANDYMAn - 2002-10-29 15:51:49
Kryten im a lamer so why dont u kill me?
KNaVE - 2002-10-29 16:32:37
Yea it was Sandymans fault kill him plz!!. I have to say that tdi is great clan with good players but they had bad luck on e1m2 one of them timing out at end with armor. I act like lamer and i am sorry for that becouse i had bad day!
skii - 2002-10-29 19:16:36
i think you're cute KNaVE :P ggs tdi, well played.. ich sehe das licht
sANDYMAn - 2002-10-29 19:18:19
Nice dm2 game sandyman got demo? you relly owned
Firee - 2002-10-29 21:15:53
Finally.. third time was succesful to upload the demo from e1m2. Enjoy.
Vikki - 2002-11-06 00:40:44
mou - 2004-04-10 04:43:35
it was nice match

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