Battle Info  2002-10-17 Division 3 - Week 5 (4)

Ax3 1 - 2 Numeric

DM3 - The Abandoned Base





DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


well fuckin pld!



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


controvesy! controvesy! no doubt b arguin bout this for weeks! guess y from screenshot.... FGG for 15mins tho less then 10 frags in it whole game!


Darff - 2002-10-17 02:07:02
Can't figure out the controversy. But maybe because I've had a few drinks. Did numeric not simply win dm3?
letrev - 2002-10-17 02:07:27
top frager disconects and no one brakes 6 mins 4/3 !!!! ABORT THIS FU***** LAMENESS
letrev - 2002-10-17 02:10:17
numeric won dm3 just buy that i was "timed" ... 6 mins till the end with map controled etc ... and they dont wonna play the decider again SO LAME !!!
letrev - 2002-10-17 02:27:56
upload demos so every one could see how " FAIR PLAYED" game that was .....
Mac - 2002-10-17 02:29:47
OK , watching demos...
sassa - 2002-10-17 03:07:59
WOW ax3 lost ?? how the hell
kryten - 2002-10-17 10:47:54
how did they lose? UK OWNAGE =) =) =) go numeric!
Diabel - 2002-10-17 12:01:44
GG Numeric
Basic - 2002-10-17 12:29:31
Ax3 how could u ? =)
LETREV - 2002-10-17 13:05:01
COZ I WAS DISCONNECTED 6 MINS TO THE END AND SPOX GOT LAGGED ????? Numeric is just a bunch of shakeing ass "none fair play" KIDS ... PS. We breaked our dm2 fullstart coz they had one guy lagged we got 2 guys lagged on a decider ( 1 lagged 1 timeing and droped than ) and they don't even wanna play it again .... SO LOL
Diabel - 2002-10-17 14:31:49
Basic Axe have cough :P
Hagge - 2002-10-17 15:24:43
agree with letrev... sportmanship is more important than winning.... zzz numeric
wellsy - 2002-10-17 17:40:24
lol n1 ax3! many sides to every story zzzz our side would have been, 15mins - no more then 10frags difference throughout the game! on 15min mark we get pent/quad, regain some control! ur player times out! we get fuk all frags cause u are all hiding bla bla etc oh and a short reminder, tis a computer game! ....and dm2, we hadnt even pld a minute of the game! our '2' players lagged as soon as everyone had typed 'ready'! ur just pissed cause u thought we'd b a walk over... ur the ones that wanted to play on a 90ms shitty lagged to fuk server! your connections are not out problem!
wellsy - 2002-10-17 17:41:07
ChewZ - 2002-10-17 17:55:11
sigh...moaning foreign players per usual
diabel - 2002-10-17 17:55:58
lol!!! 4/2 and you have q pent and ra becouse 4/2!!!
letrev - 2002-10-17 18:02:45
wellsy u know shit about sides and that match ... and GG if u think that u "REGAINED CONTROL " by your own in 4/2 WELL DONE LAME IDIOT
wellsy - 2002-10-17 18:17:18
i know 'shit about sides and that match', well i was fuking playing in it you silly boys! if ur gonna play on such shitty laggy servers then fair do's! lol! all div3 been moaning bout u and ur lamicka server! but when the lag back fires on u, u dont like it! so fuck off! get over the fact u lost a 'computer game' lol!
sLASh - 2002-10-17 18:24:17
lets see how often letrev can post the same shit with other words. go letrev we havent got it by now what happend :P
Diabel - 2002-10-17 18:27:57
Wellsy this is an europen league and if we are from poland and you from sweden we gotta to play at the sarver, where we and you gotta the same pings and its not us or your folk. Letrev calm down pls. If there had been 4/4 than we would have won, and now when we were winning we had lost a game beacuse of our players which had disconnected. We didnt do it on purpose, because we were winning.
Anonymous - 2002-10-17 18:29:28
numeric win and end talk:P
Diabel - 2002-10-17 18:31:36
anonymous =diabel:)
des - 2002-10-17 19:11:29
ok lads, this is the whole story, listen up On my way to see my friends Who lived a couple blocks away from me (owh) As I walked through the subway Musthave been about quater past three In front of me Stood a beautiful honey with a beautiful body She asked me for the time I said it'd cost her anme A six digit number and a date with tommorow at nine Did she decline? No Didn't she mind? I don't think so Was it for real? Damn sure? What was the deal? A pretty girl aged 24 So was she keen? She couldn't wait Cinnamon queen? Let me update What did she say? She said she'd love to Rendezvous She asked me what we were gonna do Said we'd start with a bottle of moet for two Monday Took her for a drink on Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday We chilled on Sunday I met this girl on Monday Took her for a drink on Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday And On Thursday and Friday and Saturday We chilled on Sunday Nine was the time Cos I'll be getting mine And she was looking fine Smooth talker She'd love to unfold me all night long Ooh I loved the way she kicked it From the front to back she flipped (Back she flipped it, the way she kicked it) And I oh I yeah Hope that she'd care Cos I'm a man who'll always be there Ooh yeah I'm not a man to play around baby Ooh yeah Cos a one night stand isn't really fair From the first impression girl hmm you don't seem to be like that Cos there's no need to chat for there'll be plenty of time for that From the subway to my home Endless ringing of my phone When you're feeling all alone All you gotta do Is just call me call me Monday Took her for a drink on Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday We chilled on Sunday I met this girl on Monday Took her for a drink on Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday And On Thursday and Friday and Saturday We chilled on Sunday (Break it down, break it down) Since I met this special lady I can't get her off my mind She's one of a kind And I ain't about to deny it It's a special kind of thing With you, oh... Monday Took her for a drink on Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday And on Thursday and Friday and Saturday We chilled on Sunday I met this girl on Monday Took her for a drink on Tuesday We were making love by Wednesday And On Thursday and Friday and Saturday We chilled on Sunday
WELL DONE LAME IDIOT - 2002-10-17 19:12:30
gg lads numeric won hay =)
letrev - 2002-10-17 19:58:22
1) sometimes when i see ppl like like u i have enough of QW ... 2) for slash : just look what u have typed in here etc and if this situation is fully OK and FAIR PLAYED so i wish u all best ... 3) to des : it's nothing to show if u listen to craig david ... :D 4) too all numeric guys : never mind if u r so stupid and u think u won go on in this low-thinking way ... 5) to welsy go ahead and make a serwer on which every european guy will have ping 13 GL and i wonder do u know what "EQUAL" means ... and finally GGs to all PPL that play fair play and r gentlemens enough to always agree and give a chance of rewange ... I HOPE U GOT THE MASSAGE so i won't have to write it again ... or maybe I should explain privetly something to "YOU" who don't uderstand ... PS. Goes to wellsy - wich is a typicall RUBBER-DUCK-FUCKER : U R SO LOL and LOW ... sit kid ...
drejfus - 2002-10-17 20:07:51
hey lets play on a .br server where everyone have 999ping - ITS FUCKING EQUAL!!
billy_hgc - 2002-10-17 20:45:54
jetli - 2002-10-17 21:42:58
ME ZORG Y/N!?!?!?!???! oknp!!!!!!!111 NO RUSH!!!!11 NO RUSH!!111 kekekekekeke me rush yuo ME DI YUO!!!1
des - 2002-10-17 22:39:43
letrev, you're a 'typicall RUBBER-DUCK-FUCKER' , why you gettin so worked up about this whole thing anyway, its a computer game so MAYBE take it easy yeh lads?.. anyway, can anyone else see the irony in letrev calling people stupid when he appears to have the mental age of a 9 year old? or am i not ' gentlemens enough? yeh, anyway, !!!! ABORT THIS FU***** LAMENESS...............I HOPE U GOT THE MASSAGE
cage - 2002-10-17 22:45:00
AX3: It's a game, you shit polish cunts.
danTea - 2002-10-17 23:02:55
Letrev, your mum is a wildcat in the sack.
letrev - 2002-10-17 23:57:40
1) dantea i forgot to send u 5 cents for the month my dog fucked your mother can u give me your adress so i could fix it ?? 2) drejfus lamicka is the serwer wich se ppl with good connection get 40-50 ping thats equal ... 3) cage just shut up and fuck off from "poland" 4) des and u say i'm 9 years... have a closer look on your .se friends ... 5) jetli your comment is the best one :D 6) GGS <-- happy now ??? PS. this game will not change our place any way but the thing is we played fair ... DID WE WINNE ABOUT 2-end game ??? We lost and it's ok we prac now and noone is curseing each other . CAN U PLZ TELL ME WHY IT HAPPENS LIKE THAT ?!?!?! ( if u don't know I will tell u why : COZ THEY PLAYED LIKE IT WAS MENT TO BE @ THE BEGINING = FAIR ) thats it im out of this "topic" coz u just take side of your "friends"
letrev - 2002-10-18 00:07:20
letrev - 2002-10-18 00:07:20
Hagge - 2002-10-18 00:19:39
gg des.... letrev have a mental of a 9 year old? looool.. looks more like it?s urself ur talking about... especially after fakenicking as letrev.. zzzz.. stop whining on poles just because you suck... it?s just a game?
letrev - 2002-10-18 01:35:46
sure des that was clever ...
letrev - 2002-10-18 01:44:14
well its not my fault iv never seen pussy, i dont kno what life is ffs im a skinny acne faced ugly twat, but its not my fault. qw is everything to me so i complain, we still shuda won but :/
ChewZ - 2002-10-18 01:45:58
hehehe we win muhahaha numeric win. i bet that will piss u off so much, quite sad really.
ChewZ - 2002-10-18 01:47:05
the funny thing is, we played with a player who never plays, and who hardly plays qw, so above ur moaning about 3 players and moaning about lag, which u moaned about and choose the server we still won. i always have the last word so im sorry but that comment was needed. k thx :)
mat-E - 2002-10-18 01:50:42
letrev if you read this U R GAY =))))))))))))))))))))))
letrev - 2002-10-18 02:12:35
dantea i just regreat u :( it's hard life to have a father that is using u :(((( ChewZ nex time i will turn my monitor on ... :D maybe u wanna prac if u fear to rematch ???
GatEway - 2002-10-18 10:50:26
when we play qw/Les spots suivants peuvent ?tre visualis?s dans votre navigateur. Il est recommand? d'utiliser une connexion internet ? 56k ou 128k or DSL. okaay okaay :DDDDDDDDDD
but.... - 2002-10-18 12:11:50
The reason ppl get emotional in QW or any other Computer Game is the fact that these games are sports; e-sports. So stop saying: "get over it, its just a computer game". To England: you played 2-2 vs Makedonia" IT'S ONLY A LOL GAME WHERE 22 DUMB MEN RUNS AFTER A PIECE OF LEATHER! GET OVER IT! This is why ppl alos get upset and happy over QW: it is a sport. And it is a good thing you all react this way, coz if you hadn't, then I guess QW will be dead. KEEP ON LAMING PPL, IT MAKES US LIVE! (btw: isn't 4 on 2 kind of lame?) :-D :P :-)
kryten - 2002-10-18 14:09:40
lol @ des... :)
sae - 2002-10-18 14:25:23
lol des! ......wlz owns
Hagge - 2002-10-18 15:00:55
qw is the best sport ever :/
telly - 2002-10-18 15:04:10
If someone drops 15minutes into a game you just have to play on, no question. Its bad luck but its just part of playing on the internet etc you have to accept and its certainly not the other teams fault when it happens.
letrev - 2002-10-18 16:02:16
but a good will and fair play team breaks or plays again ...
wellsy - 2002-10-18 16:44:02
qw sport!? ez tiger! now rugby.....there's a sport! BB ownz u all! letrev! i love u man ;) have my babies! plz! and England vs Macedonia! 2-2! hahaha England sux at football! but ownz at rugby! we should all support the England rugby team! oh yeh! Grease Lightning! is this the most popular game of NQR or wot!? how many comments?! geeez
letrev - 2002-10-18 16:53:57
no it's a show of one fair-play team and one lame team ... :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
bigv - 2002-10-18 17:10:26
i am shit at quakeworld, and i played for numeric, and we beat you, well done ax3, u are so good.
telly - 2002-10-18 17:35:03
If you were a er fair-play team you would of played on with 3 players and not moaned about it win or lose, like 90% of the other qw clans around now would of acted.
des - 2002-10-18 18:02:56
alright lads whats going on =) ?
letrev - 2002-10-18 19:19:57
If you were a er fair-play team you would of played on with 3 players and not moaned about it win or lose, like 90% of the other qw clans around now would of acted. (C) telly CAN U PLZ TELL ME WHAT HE MEANS ???:D
letrev - 2002-10-18 19:21:51
I don't care what u say about this game coz everyone knows that we r better so u can say what u want ...
kryten - 2002-10-18 19:54:00
i think numeric are better, cos they won :) /me becomes official numeric fan !
des - 2002-10-18 20:17:08
i dont think numeric are better i KNOW IT
des - 2002-10-18 20:23:24
you didnt even ask to break during the game :<
telly - 2002-10-18 20:24:00
I mean that most clans wouldn't ask to break if they dropped a player once a match has gone past halfway or complain (much) about it if they lost a game because of that.
Kriss akabusi - 2002-10-18 20:33:04
lads, i am black
John Anderson - 2002-10-18 20:37:11
Ax3 reeeadyyyy.........numberic reaaaaadddyyyyy........... three two one TIME OUT !
Stephen hawking - 2002-10-18 20:40:50
i can even see that this game was fair , and im such a spas i cant even move my FACE
Strupsi - 2002-10-18 20:41:18
telly, hmm maybe the wont but then they are lamers cause they should break! :(
Flaphead - 2002-10-18 20:44:02
, moose from a bowl is very nice but to put it on a person is demented,
Nick - 2002-10-18 20:45:40
a pig in the water? this is english humour? .............................and where do we go now nick
borak - 2002-10-18 20:49:07
a quad in the water this is polish humour ??
spokz - 2002-10-18 20:57:41
stfu guys, nqr will show who's better, who will get div2 who not (hope u wont numeric)
Alan Partridge - 2002-10-18 21:19:05
If you see a lovely field with a family having a picnic, and there?s a nice pond in it, you fill in the pond with concrete, you plough the family into the field, you blow up the tree, and use the leaves to make a dress for your wife who?s also your brother.
Hagge - 2002-10-19 01:21:37
lol.. something wrong with this page? I didn?t write strupsi as my nick? :(
lol - 2002-10-19 05:22:13
at the end of the day, numeric won, playing with players that dont usualy play. so axe arnt clearly better than numeric, so get that out of ur head. if u were such a leet clan ud stop moaning about 3 players. remember bodyjar vs warhammer, BJ won warhammer when playing wioth 3 players. its how u play on the day. now ax3, fs ur foreign so u loose in life. lol, plz die :). letrev hahahha:) GO GO UK CLAN SCENE GO ! :) spent 100 quid on coke tonight and luving it:) muhahahah u cunts die lol ur foreign hahah :)))))))))))
letrev - 2002-10-21 22:14:38
we r better anyway whatever u say ACCEPT THAT ... GGs
ME - 2002-10-21 23:01:50
des - 2002-10-22 04:00:16
yeah letrev, you are better than us, and that means you lost to a clan that is worse than you. and it was in a league. humiliating? " GGs "
letrev - 2002-10-22 11:17:40
no ... sometimes it happens and we will advance to div 2 anyway not u. humiliating? " GGs " :D we r better anyway whatever u say ACCEPT THAT ... :DDDDDD
WWW.APQV06.DSL.PIPEX.COM - 2002-10-23 01:58:34
WWW.APQV06.DSL.PIPEX.COM .....................................alright lads
who the fakk is ax3 - 2002-11-23 07:29:42
numeric rules my world, and ax3 letrev stop counting calories you pussy ass wanker, im tough ass weightlifter with fists of iron and buns of steel, and yor made of paper....

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