Battle Info  2002-09-23 Division 3 - Week 1 (1)

Numeric 2 - 1 bodyjar

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Report by Numeric: Well we were all pretty anxious to get our first NQR game underway, but we had to wait for Des who's HDD had decided to pack in earlier that day :( after he had binned it, installed windows and loaded all his drivers again.. we got goin! We managed to lock down pretty early on gettin control of the map! though we lost it towards the end! gg -wlz-



E3M1 - Termination Central


Report by Numeric: 209 - 13 says it all really :) as does my embarassin -1...fukin slime! i had 3 frags at one point! they locked down and easily controlled after obviously praccy'in here inside and out! gg they owned us! we just found ourselves dodgin thier quaded rl's! bg for us more praccy needed :P -wlz-



DM3 - The Abandoned Base


Report by Numeric: No time to report gg's -wlz-


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