Battle Info  2002-12-15 Div 2 and 3 Playoff

Dybbuk 1 - 3 Campbusters Team 2

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




DM3 - The Abandoned Base




E1M2 - Castle of the Damned




E3M2 - The Vaults of Zin



Horatio - 2002-12-16 13:21:19
lucky bastards :)
Tuna - 2002-12-16 14:01:46
thx for this sweet NQR saison to all contributors! This game was fun.. we tried hard on dm2 without fox and surprisingly we did quite well and won :) after that game.. special appearance members entered the ring ang gave their very best.. for my part i was amazingly suprised they did that well ^^ well anyway.. have 'loads' of fun in div2 guys :D
Tuna - 2002-12-16 14:16:10
ah yeah flint.. behave in front of girls next time plz!
Firee - 2002-12-16 14:31:09
Nice result Dybb on dm2.. It's good to see some Qualifs games played because almost all of them are going to be wo'd. Gl Dybbuk to Div3 hope you play better there and gl Camp2 to div2 I'm sure you can challenge even the big clans with that special e3m2 map :)
Hagge - 2002-12-16 15:56:45
heh.. nice one @ dm2 dybbuk ;) and moltas seemed to have fun on dm3 and e3m2 :) and what happend to osiris on e1m2? :) sure tuna ur new players did well.. especially susi on e3m2 ;) gl for dybbuk in div3 and for cb2 in div2!!!!!
Spunky - 2002-12-16 18:05:35
Welcome to Div 3 Dybbuk! :)
SLB - 2002-12-16 18:17:31
CB juniors vs. Dyb in next seasons div 3 final? ;o ;D
osiris - 2002-12-16 20:16:57
fell asleep during e1m2, =P
osiris - 2002-12-16 20:19:59
btw. before se started on dm3, i said "this is fun i can have 200/200 and a stable rl @ RA the whole match" well it turned out to be such a game (except that elite quadrun, flinta where were you? =P) e3m2 turned out great too, we had a stable hold on ya/quad for the whole map. DM2 was such a fucked game, though Dyb played nice on that map overall im really dissapointed with my scores. if it wasnt for those 15 spawnfrags i would have gone crazy =). and e1m2 u all know =)
Anonymous - 2002-12-16 20:20:22
err.. "this is just fun if..."
FlePser - 2002-12-19 11:01:37
hagge when you start having those first comments again, you get 0wned all over teh place ! gg's both teams btw :D
Hagge - 2002-12-19 17:06:17
tsss.. I?ve been busy with my studies but now it?s time for 3 weeks of vacation!!!!!
Tuna - 2002-12-25 15:41:08
yo Hagge.. our new page is up.. get your favourite spanking demo there! ;)

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