Battle Info  2002-12-23 1/2 Finals

Slackers 1 - 2 Clan Malfunction

DM2 - Claustrophobopolis




E1M2 - Castle of the Damned




DM3 - The Abandoned Base



Shaft - 2002-12-23 17:35:12
GG :)
mastah_af_OLw - 2002-12-23 22:24:13
tight game 8() GG CMF ]SR[
clox - 2002-12-23 22:27:42
According to screenshots, shouldn't it be 1-2 for cmf?
lavos - 2002-12-23 22:31:23
cmf > sr > la
Hagge - 2002-12-23 22:33:52
sr > cmf > la :DDD
Hagge - 2002-12-23 22:34:13
haha ye.. it?s wrong scores :)
HighlandeR - 2002-12-23 22:42:21
not to mention, the only demo available is wrong too, (sr vs tot, instead of cmf)
jester - 2002-12-23 23:40:31
Legio! - 2002-12-24 00:28:40
Ok fixed results ;).
B1aze - 2002-12-24 09:27:21
Janne, gogogo! :)
Xtalon - 2002-12-24 11:25:22
gg... tight and intresting game
andy - 2002-12-24 13:58:13
Amazing game. One of the best I've seen in quite a while. Check out the dm2 demo, was so impressed when Fix jumped into the lava around 12-13th minute to get a pack which probably had rockets..luckily it did and he came out alive too :)
/hANGTIME - 2002-12-24 22:52:24
likkman - 2002-12-26 11:24:08
without gamer, sr would be much better team... nothing against him, but is performance is far away from the others in most games..
gamer - 2002-12-26 20:44:33
xhrl - 2002-12-27 00:48:23
it was nice to see janne in action. such close games=an exciting match
Hagge - 2002-12-27 01:55:14
likkman lol? gamer is the best player in sr without his incredible tp sr would be nothing!!
-insane- - 2002-12-27 01:58:05
Hagge is right , SR without Gamer is like CMF without fifi B< SIEMKA @LL
Immortal - 2002-12-27 01:59:46
Yep , theyre both right , Sr without Gamcio is like HGC without Insane :<.
Hagge - 2002-12-27 02:03:45
heh.. well.. gamer is the one who keeps the most importants positions like ra on dm3.. gamer is like exile in ff.. everybody whined at exile as well but without exile ff would?ve sucked.. same thing with sr without gamer! :) why would they otherwise have gone so far this year and not last year with striker instead of gamer ? striker > gamer :)
..and thats why LA lost - 2002-12-27 02:26:38
...because their strongest TP player DAG did not play the final. Many ppl blame DAG for playing "CS" sometimes as specs flood "CS" when LA hide or DAG plays "CS" in some duels. Riker is the anti CS dude on LA, have you ever seen a Quad-runner dodge more than Riker? Dont matter if its luck or not, Riker and Dag fullfilles each other perfect. Dag on the team just makes players like riker and striker look so much better. Nabbe is an awesome TP player but when he does not have the support of Dag's TP, then the team misses something. Look at LAs games vs. CMF; without Dag LA would have lost that one as well, for sure. I dont think I have ever seen LA makes so many tactical blunders in that Final vs SR. TP is not someting you can get as easy as SKILL, you cant have just 4 Skill-whores on a team, you need the right mix. SR had that perfect mix, LA did not. I just tolled you why they diden't have it on Super Sunday.
Hagge - 2002-12-27 03:12:00
ye but this was apparently the lineup la wanted to play with in this game.. why I don?t know cause I agree with u about dag?s importance and he sure knows how to cs :) but sr won fair because it wasn?t their fault that dag didn?t play.. useless thing to discuss anyway :)
riker - 2002-12-27 04:12:32
well its was a good game vs slackers but we played like 90% of our games with the lineup of riker,striker,dag,nabbe. and suddenlty space is playing in the final. not that he is bad, but the team was confused. it was more 1on1on1on1on4 then 4on4. guess we have to plan alittle better next time.
fix - 2002-12-27 11:57:53
?lk?? kiusatko timppaa!
Hagge - 2002-12-27 12:24:30
jestem szczesliwy, ty tez?
jagular - 2002-12-28 02:14:00
vad snackar den d?r "...and that's why LA lost"- b?gen om d?, ?r han b?g eller? Nyp igen rookie.
jagular - 2002-12-28 18:09:45
sorry f?r det sista inl?gget. var full ig?r :(
osiris - 2002-12-29 13:19:39
haha @ jagular
panda - 2002-12-29 16:26:52
imoluk - 2003-01-04 09:56:16
Luck is short term. Skill compensate the winning and ruin the luck. And I rock!
imoluk - 2003-01-04 09:56:37
Just KIDDING! =o)
Nagash - 2003-01-07 04:12:30
LA_of_ezspel lost because hagge wasnt playing
void - 2003-05-02 08:31:16
void > hagge > sr > cmf > la
Hagge - 2003-05-02 20:45:37
ez 8))))))

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