Icce  2002-09-22  
With NQR now in its third season, we sometimes forget who was there at the beginning to kick it all off. Icce is not often seen at the forefront of todays Quakeworld scene, but no one can deny the contribution he has made when he (along with Nepra) brought the first NQR season to the world! Fluffy managed to grab a few words from him about this great competition - past and present.

Name, Age and Country?
My name is Hans Frisk and I'm 45 years young and live in the middle of Sweden on the eastcoast.
How did you come up with the idea of starting NQR and why did you start NQR, what was the main reason?
Well it felt like qw was slowly fading away because ppl began to play other games like CS, D2 for example. The only league that held qw alive was SD, which didn't allow all clans to participate.(hf|Icce): So the idea to start NQR was some kind of emergency action, and also let whole qw-community in.
Thats true... When did you started to work with NQR and how long time did it take before the first season was running?
I talked alot whith Nepra about it and he got totally smashed by the idea. Can't remember when we started to work on it..but from idea to active league it took about 1 month.
That was fast of you... What ppl were involved in the construction of NQR at the beginning?
Me and Nepra was the first crew but we needed an asp-coder and Maxor joined us after about a week.
How many ppl are involved in makin NQR working now?
The staff contains 11 ppl atm.
Have you noticed any large difference in active QW clans now and in the beginning of NQR?
Yes, there are alot more active clans now. Hope they will stay active during NQR-season also. The possibility for that has increased with our new leaguesystem, because you don't have to be fragdolls if your clan has lesser skilled players. That is one big benefit with the division system and it surely makes it more fun to play for all teams.
NQR is running seasson nr 3 now so do you think it has the same fun it as when you started?
It's even more fun now. Feels like this leagueconcept will survive for a long time.
Is this seasson the biggest if you count signed clans?
The 2nd season was the biggest so far (74 clans). NQR 3 has about 60 clans signed up, but eventhough the nr of clans is lesser then last season we hope that the activity will be better then in NQR2. NQR2 was a success, but there was still many clans that did not play a single fight.
Which clan do you think will win division 1?
That's a very difficult question to answer, there are some heavy aspirants to the big title though: SR, LA, HF and cMF is my hottest tip. The darkhorse is tVS, Hib is back in the team so anything could happend.
Thank you for your time and good luck with NQR in the future!
The same to you GG ;)
osiris - 2002-09-23 10:52:00
Hagge is so owned? ill post news about this later @ too.
Apollyon - 2002-09-23 10:57:36
good one
Legio! - 2002-09-23 12:32:01
Yes good interview.
Hagge - 2002-09-23 15:27:56
more more ;) osiris :\
xhrl - 2002-09-24 01:27:07
a tvs vs la championship...perhaps. good interview about a good chap. respectfully, xhrl
Tnorx - 2002-09-24 20:57:36
Well done, Icce!
Nagash - 2002-09-25 07:06:57
Vackert initiativ med hela nqr Icce. Hoppas allt lever p? med dig :=) Synes och h?res.
Icce - 2002-09-25 15:30:08
Thx Tnorx and Nagash, but I also have to give credit to the whole NQR-staff. Without them it should never had been so neat as it is today. Damn skilled guys all over. Take care u 2 Nagge. See you in a war soon?
Tuna - 2002-10-01 19:41:01
no more fragdolls? ahh yay.. right... im still tired of respawning :)
Nagash - 2002-10-08 20:44:10
yup, you'll se me in the war very soon =)

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