]SR[Paradoks  2002-09-24  
It has become clear throughout the last couple of years that Slackers is one of the best clans in qw history. They have one of the strongest team lineups out of all Division 1 teams this season and are fancied by many to emerge as champions. Nepra logged onto Quakenet to get Paradoks from Slackers to answer some questions for us.

Name, Age, Country?
My name is David Larsen. I'm 21 years old from Denmark, Copenhagen
Where do you see SR after the playoffs, champions?
I see us participating in NQR4.
SR have players from different nations, but seems to work great judging by results?
Hail to MM2 :) We got the best set of teamplay message cfg and locfiles, that helps us alot. Combined with many hours of playing together, it gives us the routine we need to create those results.
Goljat didnt like NQR back in season2, Do you think the new system has changed his opinion?
I think Goljat shared my oppinion, that last seasons system was not good enough. But we can both agree that the start of this new season has clearly shown the dedication the NQR crew has put in it. We can only hope it will continue in the future.
You start off with not yet proven GOOD clan P0S in week1 and then tVS wich has proven skills before. Do you feel that this is a hard start to the season?
p0s are having member problems since fix rejoined his old clan cMF, so I think that will be 'normal' game for us. tVS havent been active since last SmackDown season - neither have we - but I think its a perfect start :) It just means that we have to stay alert at all times during this season. The best conditions to stay on top.
Any things that you would want to see in the future of NQR?
This question would best be answered, as we are closing to the end of this season.
What do you think about the new rules/maps in this version of NQR?
I hate the fact that you didn't force dm3 dm2 e1m2 + cmt maps this season. Such a shame to see great new maps go to waste for another season, because you are too afraid to take a chance. I wouldn't have expected that from NQR, who have shown to be more than willing to go out on a lim, with innovative development. An example was MQWCL, and now introducing Division system and forced schedules.
Finally, will you win? :)
That is what we are here to do.
Thank you Paradoks for your time!
Yeah Whatever !
Hagge - 2002-09-24 14:28:47
Eta-Beta - 2002-09-24 14:29:05
OK, I confess, next time I'll let you have it hagge :D
osiris - 2002-09-24 15:44:58
Yeah nice interview. And Hagge i let u got that one.. just to be nice =)
osiris - 2002-09-24 15:47:05
and as usual ill post news about this =D
Eta-Beta - 2002-09-24 16:56:26
And as usual hagge didn't get the first comment. Check IP and then check the second one :F
Anonymous - 2002-09-24 17:00:41
i use bodywipes para wana trade?;y
Hagge - 2002-09-24 17:32:06
damn :\ I get home at 17 so it?s hard to get the first comment :< nice with another interview though! btw nepra.. It?s ]SR[Paradoks and not ]SR[Paradocks..
Nepra - 2002-09-24 20:08:56
hehe hagge inte jag som skrivit nicket :) krytens fel
osiris - 2002-09-24 20:54:18
Eta-Beta, nice lets own Hagge to the end of the site! =)
Nagash - 2002-09-25 07:09:50
Sr wont stand a chance
ApoKaLypZe - 2002-09-25 10:26:33
s? j?vla moget...
sassa - 2002-09-25 10:28:31
CMF will take it I think, now that they got dag in their team :-((( to bad that LA is down, or is it down???
Hagge - 2002-09-25 11:12:28
yeah cmf looks so strong now :\ wonder if _|anne will play?
Eta-Beta - 2002-09-25 14:57:13
He's home playing with his muumin dolls :(
Tezz - 2002-09-25 16:26:50
Horatio - 2002-09-26 13:20:11
campbusters plz be quiet
Hagge - 2002-09-26 16:55:25
stfu horatio go play cs or whatever u play :\
hui - 2002-09-27 04:39:39
sooo long ;)
Eta-Beta - 2002-09-27 12:25:10
Hagge, horatio is down there, looking for packs in his div3 :F, nevermind the pity little whinerkorv :F
ikea - 2002-10-30 19:55:08
jag var till aff?ren idag och k?pte en 15cm svart gummi dildo
Prince - 2002-10-30 19:58:37
money dont matter 2 night =)

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