2nd-Ignition  2002-12-02  
Second... Winner of NQR3 div3 with only 1 game lost and 12 won, and 1 more to play. I hooked up with the man behind the victorys, Ignition, here's what he had to say.

First of all congratulations, winner of NQR3 div3, how do you feel about winning NQR3 div3?
It feels great since this is our first tournament where we acctually put in an effort. Perhaps we are not supposed to be in div 3 for starters but it sure has been fun.
Ok now, tell us something about yourself name, age, country etc.
My name is Karl Henke, 18 years old and i live in Gothenburg sweden (so does Tumult and illusion), i like to play quake and guitar. Thats it...all i do all day :(
Whats the secret behind your success in NQR3?
Alot of practice, good spirit.
What group game are you most satisfied with?
I would say it would have to be the one against ax3, everyone was pretty nervouse because at the time there were alot of talk about them beeing alot better then us, and if would have lost we felt that we would be pretty screwed finnishing first since they hadn't lost any games neither.
How do you feel about your upcoming qualification game versus a bottom div2 team?
I get the feeling of success. No problem we WILL be in div 2 nex season.
If you make it to NQR4 div2, what do you think your chances will be in div2?
I don't know really, our goal is to be among the top clans in div 2. I feel Second has the potential to reach the top.
What do you think about NQR-STAFFs job so far this season?
I don't know, since i haven't been in direct contact with any, still i think NQR has been well organized.
What do you think about NQR?
I think the system is great, the divs makes the games fun, good exampel is SD who doesn't have divs and it feels like that tournament is for div 1 teams only. NQR is designed to suit everyone and i think thats great.
Is there any things that you would want to see in the future of NQR?
No not really, no changes...just that we win div 2 :D
Thanks for your time it was fun talking to you... If theres anything else you want to say/share to/with the European Quakeworld scene do it now... :)
It feels great to have won div 3 and all i want to say is, in your face to the suckers who doubted us. All for now, bye.
Tuna - 2002-12-02 14:40:04
i begged the admins to put us in div3 so long.. and no one listened ;) good luck up there.. they arent so tough as it looks like
razor - 2002-12-02 21:27:45
i vote for 10 teams in each division ! :)
flinty - 2002-12-02 22:58:47
nothing about the loss vs. campbusters team 2 :[[
tumult - 2002-12-03 06:52:59
flinty, who cares ? you know you aint something to care about 8(
LETREV - 2002-12-04 12:34:58
HAH funny read :p
Basic - 2002-12-06 12:07:40
Ign love U!
Hagge - 2002-12-07 03:25:26
omg ;)
sassa - 2002-12-12 05:45:22
razor 10 teams in each div is fucking perfect and u play each team twice !!!!!
je - 2002-12-15 21:03:26
osiris - 2002-12-16 08:21:27
we cares?
ignition - 2003-01-06 19:48:01
Flinty n?r drejfus intervjuade mig hade vi inte spelat mot cb2 ?n...
Mega - 2003-02-11 18:57:33
gg.. Jag ?lskar du? :>

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