Battle Info  2003-03-30 Division 3 - Week 2 (3)

griffin's tappra gossar 2 - 0 New Wave

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


So, we started out on the Z server (finland), where gtg averaged 30ish ping (28 28 35 30 or so). But NW averaged 60, so they wanted to play on another server. A russian server. The funny thing is though, they all had 30 ping before the game started. We thought it kinda odd, but what the hell, would be fair we thought if they lagged like that on this server (and we then played dm2 on Z where they lagged). Then the game started, and they all dropped to 13 ping. Instantly. And licked that 13 margin for the rest of the game. Despite that NW had a 40 average ping advantage over us, we still pulled through. Mainly due to ermac and ul owning up for us. //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar



DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Back to Z server. This time on the other hand, NW averaged 40. Wow, that's odd! It was 60 just 20 minutes ago! How'd that happen? Well, admin told us to play here, so we did. And won. This was the lamest clan I've ever had the displeasure of playing QW with. A word of warning to anyone playing NW: divide their ping before the game starts by half and you're probably closer to the real one :p Fucking tards. Oh, and dm2 went like dm2 usually does. They spawned everything, we took it back, and in the last 2 minutes we took around 30 frags. Game over. //dak - by griffin's tappra gossar


Horatio - 2003-03-30 21:01:52
dak - 2003-03-30 21:27:32
Quote from a NW player on the Z server before the game when Para joined as spec. "28 vs 60 ping, not very fair is it?". Don't even try to blame it on paying for bytes transferred, because you obviously faked your ping with intent when you tell an admin that.
Hagge - 2003-03-30 23:15:49
gg ! ;) nice to see nw play as lpbs :>
Anonymous - 2003-03-31 01:39:24
(#) FUDOH had a similar run in with _NW_ . Their ping hit 100+ , 10 minutes into the match. ( I think they where leading when the lagg hit ) A rematch has been agreed next week...
ocoini - 2003-03-31 01:40:09
thats me above :p
Link - 2003-03-31 08:37:49
Ermac owns you all
ermac - 2003-03-31 11:04:02
and i dident bribe him

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