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  Sassa  030401  
We have now played almost half of the season (acctually only 4 weeks but some clans have played half of their matches) and lets just take a look on the divisons and who I think gonna win the divisons

Lets start at the bottom


Here got Thangorodrim and HOT with no map-losses yet and they are sure looking strong to win this divison..

Hot: I have played against them and seen them play and they are really good and probebly a div2 clan or maybe div1 if they pracc some more

They got ztorm that is for sure their strongest player and what about havz? he is also a great player.. it wouldnt be a big surprise if they won bigtime vs Thangorodrim

but for the other teams that has impressed me alot is Shadow Minions that just started to play QuakeWorld and have won 4 matches and lost 2 (vs Thangorodrim and hot)

it will be a close fight for the third spot here betweek SM, HHH (hannovers Head hunter) and osams I belive, but think that SM gonna take that spot because they are much more active than the other clans

New players: Adde has joined Fnu from maniacs(div3) and will help the team ALOT

Top players: Excel from OLW got an average of 74.3 frags after 11 maps played and seem to be the star-player in this divison with ztorm from HOT


Swedish Super Cops with old Lithium players such as Fredo will make the run for the first spot vs The Artists from Poland.. Frag Shack is moving up slowly and will be a hard team to beat!

But I think SSC will win this division, they are acctually more like a div3 clan than a div5.. time will tell ;)

Big-game: scc vs art, that will be the main game in this group!
on the last stop we got Dreadful Offensive Squirrels - DoS, they will be on the last spot if nothing special happends, like forinstence a div1 player fakenick for them or something ;)

New players: dont have a clue here ;(

Top players: Billy from art got an average of 73.5 frags after 8 maps played and is the top player here with rADi (from SSc with 57.4 frag av. - 10 maps) and fREd (from SSc with 55.5 frag av. - 15 maps)


Unfortionetly the teams have played to little games to examine the divison, but I can say that the #1 spot will be between: kala, numeric and UQE.

Beastie boys got Dreyfus so you never know what he can do so the division is basicly open for most of the clans but Splatt will have a hard time staying away from the last spot, they will have a close battle vs GoD and SC

New players: dont know any

Top players: offcourse we got the previuse div1 player DREEYFUS from 2B with 63.1 frag av. after 9 maps folowed by Boome from kala ( 57.5 frag av. after 10 maps)


EuthanasiA raised from the dead will take it home pretty eazy, I only see QuadRangers (ruffnux and phantasy, previus div1 players) as the clan that got chance vs hixen and the boyz on the paper

But we got some outsiders such as EarthQuake that had a close game vs \E/ but lost!

Imo Ax3 from poland can take the third spot here and have good potentials if they just get their teamplay togheter as it was in the last season of NQR when they came on the second spot in div3

The last spots will be a battle between fudoh, New Wave, maniacs (lost 3 of their players recently) and CB2

New players: jezaja joined EarthQuake from div2 team pumpelhagel (that have dropped out)

Top players: XantoM from EQ with 54 frags av. after 12 maps and offcourse HIXEN (E 53 frags av 12 maps) but they are followed closely by strife (EQ) and dakoth (GTG)


JUST AN open story here but the last spot will go to either Second nor Fraggers United

At the moment Helfire is in the lead by are followed EnslaveD and Chopstick Ninjas (still no lose, won btw vs HF with 2-1) but you got the mad russians (BWL) coming slowly up with their mad russian superpowah skillz ;)

The English Four-kings did a bad start by loosing to EnslaveD and HF but have improved alot now and have rather eazy games now until the last battle vs CN witch will maybe be for the div2 title

New players: Sledge joined second (from maniacs, div3)

Top players: Mutilator! in HF got an impresive 68.8 frag av. after 10 games and have showed that div2 is way to eazy for him! exile (cn) and valla (ED) are behind with a clear margine


Players moving from clans after each game and players get kicked etc.. but after half of the games we got the four teams at top as I thought before the league with Disorder on #1 spot with slackers behind followed by cmf/fs

We have had a surprising result in the game were Hyphen won 2-1 vs Slackers after a amayzing e1m2

The top games between the clans havent been played yet and Im thinking of CMF vs sr; cmf vs fs; sr vs disorder; disorder vs fs

the fifth spot will be a battle between hyphen and axemen that are looking WAY to strong on e1m5 with 85.7% efficiency

Aristocracy will fight vs Miscellaneous Misfitz ! for not going down to div2 and I belive that Lockup is not in the league because they havent played a single game yet after 4 weeks

CMF vs Disorder was a big test for both of the clans and Disorder won that game with 2-1 by two impresive maps by mrlame (e1m2 and finaly the desider dm2)

New players: There have been some changes here. Dag joined Disorder and left CMF at the same time that riker got kicked out of the league and Mrlame joined up with hangtime in Hyphen

Top players: peepshow_pete (aka shiva) with amayzing 66.2 frags av. after 14 maps in DIVISION 1! Very impresive by Shiva and 2 frags av. down we find Paradoks (in slackers, with only 8 maps) so its very impresive frag av. by Shiva after 14 maps specially that they have played vs top clan CMF.

For people that are new to this league dont know that we Live-commentated the previuse NQR3-playoffs and have already started commentating this NQR season with FS vs SR that SR won with 2-0!

It was Hangtime running the show with some impresive commentating and me asking the n00b question, we have had some interviews with reppie etc..

For the next games we will have more interviews and more people on the teamspeak talking about whats going on the the community at big-games, so just hang on the #nqr channel (or on #nqr-cmt for the finals in CMT that are coming up (SR vs FS)) and you will get all the facts about server/date/time for the games

Over and out /Sassa

  Spring 2004  030326  
Vertigo gives us some thoughts...enjoy.

Alot has been happening again on QW scene lately, so why not update a column about it!

Custom Map Tourney is on it's playoffs phase and the winner is going to be solved in the near future. Sadly, Clan MalFunction and Slackers kinda ruined their semifinal by playing it cmt1 only. What CMT is all about making ALL of these five new 4on4 maps familiar for QW players around Europe. Now this cMF-SR attracted quite a big crowd with Sassa giving his voice coverage again, so the situation would've been ideal for showing how most of the CMT maps are played, but these two great clans decided to play just one of five. It wasnt because CMT1 is a superior map in any way compared to other CMT's, personally I think CMT2-4 are actually better ones than it, but because they were afraid to play other ones!

And that sucks.

CMT maps have giant potential for becoming just as popular 4on4 maps as dm2-dm3-e1m2 are. They're straightly designed for QWDM 4on4 playing and it truly shows. There's been once again plenty of negative feedback towards NQR crew since they took many ExMy -maps to NQR4. Dont worry complainers: CMT maps WILL become available to play in NQR5 and then you'll get to know why those are truly far better than any ExMy map, despite E1M2 of course. Or actually, E1M2 and DM2 will face a serious threat from these CMT maps in future, since I consider many CMT maps to be much more intresting to play than those two. I've always been DM2 freak so I should actually be too much prejudiced to even say something like that - if I was normal, oldfashioned and QW player, that is.

You who haven't yet checked these CMT maps out, I suggest you to do so before you'll get beaten by everyone else.

NQR has been going on with a new system - once again. Personally I dont care much which system league uses, just getting to play official 4on4 clanwars is the main thing. Now there is six divisions and as much as 70 clans competing! That amount of clans is nothing but impressive since it's actually more than in NQR2 and NQR3!Ok, in NQR2 there was 72 clans signed, but actually just 56 clans were active back then. I guess that means NQR crew has done great job by improving their league and making it more intresting to play by these league system modifications. Now all clans have the possibility to face teams which are more or less on the same level and that's perhaps the best thing to feed any team's activity and intrest towards playing official games. 500-0 matches between SMACKDOWNCHAMPIONTEAM and IJUSTINSTALLEDQWANDPLAYWITHKEYBOARD are totally useless for both teams.

My respect goes out to whole NQR crew - great job once again!

One league I've been missing is Duelmania. The first season was more or less just an experiment and it went actually great and drawed alot of attention although it wasn't supposed to be any big competition. Some time passed and Link gathered a crew around him and started Duelmania2, which was more professional and gathered even more intrest from QW scene than the first season. This second was actually supposed to be just an experiment and test of
the new system and the third season was supposed to start at september with full power. Well, that didn't ever happen. It actually wasn't because we didn't try and work for it, not at all. We did alot of preparations which are invaluable when aiming towards succesfully tournament as the size of Duelmania3 was supposed to be. Then we got a giant setback when our great webmaster didn't have motivation and time to work with us anylonger. He didn't involve to our preparations either, but we thought he would keep his word of doing our web ready when we just give the material to him. He just didn't show up.

I got really upset back then because we didn't get the thing going on then and didn't find any other webmaster to do the job for us either, so I actually forgot all about Duelmania and didn't thought to continue working with it anylonger. But now I just received an email from Xhrl who asked me if there was still hope for seeing Duelmania going someday and I decided to try to find out once again if we'd have possibilities to get it going for this spring. Our old crew is more or less up for it, but we're still lack of webmaster, so help is wanted! If you're intrested of using your www/php skills for QW scene in europe, please contact me at QuakeNet (#cmf) and I'll give you more information. Hopefully we find someone to help us out and get Duelmania3 running. I think that European QW players are still really enthusiastic about a good 1on1 event. Atleast I am enthusiastic about running one!

  Welcome to the Community Column  030324  
We will be running this community column so that anyone out there can have their say. Simply contact one of the NQR crew to get your voice heard!

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