Battle Info  2003-03-20 Division 4 - Week 2 (2)

Unidentified Quake Entity 2 - 0 Splatt

DM3 - The Abandoned Base


splatt got the better start, and the UqE locomotiv was slowly on speed, but when it did we managed to lock the map quite confidentely, but gave away some foolish quads, after last pent we had full control. gg's - by Unidentified Quake Entity

We got a good start, with Lucky at ra with rl and scrat at ya with rl, after 3 minutes i got pent (dont ask me why it was still there) and we kept owning for a little while. Then we lost ra, then ya and they started to own us the rest of the game. BG - by Splatt

jeZper (FlePser)(UqE)


DM2 - Claustrophobopolis


Even though the score doesn't tell, this match was quite exciting, UqE never got control and were forced to retreat to low-rl often, I think we got an equal amount of Quads but our were longer of live and more efficient. - by Unidentified Quake Entity


FlePser - 2003-03-20 23:50:31
flinty - 2003-03-20 23:51:28
we want e1m6 \o/ (because my team is not in ur div;))
Lucky Luciano - 2003-03-20 23:59:15
Fuck, we are so bad, I will soon quit playing...
dragon - 2003-03-21 11:29:17
gg both
Link - 2003-03-21 13:34:39
"after 3 minutes i got pent " ... LOL :)
FlePser - 2003-03-21 13:49:32
yer we all forgot it, div 4 ownz j00
nielz - 2003-03-21 14:15:30
id like to see more demos from nielz's pov!! :P
Hagge - 2003-03-21 15:40:47
cmon splatt! I know u can do better than this!!
nielz - 2003-03-21 15:58:42
that's a lie hagge, and you know it!!
yveZ - 2003-03-21 16:00:44
You should all suck on a lemon! is there any demos from the master yveZ pov??!?!
Lucky Luciano - 2003-03-23 22:33:24
well it was mostly luck this one Hagge is right
aars - 2003-03-24 00:12:05
zet hem op uqe en own die div 4 gvd :P hakkuh met da botte bijl
FlePser - 2003-03-27 23:24:27
hey aars, goed hoor, ga jij div6 maar ownen en laat ons uqe maar met rust. ipv ons te bedonderen met mur......k.......?
yveZ - 2003-03-31 14:01:36
ja aarskop, hou eens op met dat mega geslijm van je. We moeten je niet meer dus hou je lekker bezig met je eigen ding. Knuppel. Lucky Luciano: I always say it was luck when i lose something too. :)

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